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  1. Excellent news tonycee!!!!! I am realy pleased for you. I will keep you posted when I hear from Dino!!!! FC
  2. Still waiting !!!!!!!! 7 days to go to the 21st!!! Are you going first or am I ????????? FC
  3. Nell I think its the only reason I got a hearing. If they decide not to settle then I fully expect the case to be stayed again. At least this way it costs them barristers fees and I have my say in court. Who knows? FC
  4. Still in the fight!!!!!!!! In response to Application to set aside: 1. District Judge has ordered a hearing mid September. 2. Stay is lifted to that date. 3. Defendant to write to the court within 7 days of the order if they intend to settle as per recent letter to Claimant. Not yet a victory but more chance than I had yesterday!!!!! Keep the faith. FC
  5. Application went in today, another £35 to the treasury. Now just have to wait and see !!!!! I wonder what the sentence is for GBH on a Deputy District Judge? I might just be out before the House of Lords rules on bank charges!!!! FC
  6. Would have been judgement day tomorrow had it not been for the stay. Still going to court however to hand in my application to have the stay set aside. I am using the Penalty Charge UK template, edited to fit my case, and including a section on Abuse of Proces as Cobbetts have made a recent offer to settle in full. Wish me luck ! FC
  7. There will be a lot of; Hanging on the telephone - Blondie
  8. Lying Ba*****s In the post this morning ' General Form of Judgement or Order' " upon the request of the defendant it is ordered that .........claim stayed" Now I'm annoyed!!!!! FC
  9. I am taking noomil's advice and staying incomunicado. I have to weigh up the risk of losing £2.5K+ if they get the judgement set aside and then get a stay, or gaining £5K+ if they pay the judgement in full. They can't risk a warrant of execution and bailiffs marching into my local Barclay's. They also want me to relinquish the judgement ( can't have a CCJ recorded against them, might affect their credit rating!!!). I can afford to wait and force their hand but it could also backfire on me. Risky business!!! FC
  10. GOOD LUCK for court tomorrow. :D Let us know how it goes. FC
  11. I know !!!!!!!!!!! But I like to help the disadvantaged too.
  12. Click!! Now I understand (LOL) CPR = Civil Procedure Rules. The rules which govern how the County Courts operate. You will find them on the Ministry of Justice website. CPR - Parts and Practice Directions Part 13 relates to setting aside Judgements made by the court. Hope this helps. FC
  13. These are just my comments from my post 18. Not sure what else you want to know? FC
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