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  1. Thanks Caro and Mr Shed. Situation at the moment is that the Letting Agents are refusing to give me the address of the Landlord. I did a search via the Land Registry and the address provided there is the flat I was renting! Also, on the Lease his home address is not given - his contact is c/o of the agents. I am still friendly with the Manager of the building where I was renting the flat and I now have the landlords email and mobile but still no address. I also found out that he has done this on many other occasions. Thanks for your help though and I will let you know what hapens. Seeing CAB n
  2. Hello I am new to this but have viewed threads on similar issues to this. Thanks to those of you have previously said that I should not waste my money suing the letting agents. Had I read this a week ago it would ahve saved me £80. The situation is that my landlord has claimed (via the letting agents) that the flat needed to be cleaned by a professional cleaning company after I vacated it and this included the carpets etc. They also claimed that the oven extractor fan was broken. Firstly, there were no carpets in the flat and secondly the flat was extremely clean when I left (far cleaner
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