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  1. Many thanks for this. I will be sending off a letter tomorrow. No i haven't asked anyone else to come have a look. Was hoping to resolve this first.
  2. Hi I'm hoping this is the correct thread, if not (mods), please move it Need some advice please. I put an add on ratedpeople for someone to fix 2 bay windows as they were leaking. This was late Dec 2015 A guy called me within hours and suggested he could do this, and will guarantee his work for 9 years. He asked for some pics and then quoted £400 I know this is high but with 9 years guarantee, you can’t go wrong. He also had some good feedback. Went ahead with the job He came a few days later, spent about an hour by painting some fiber seal on and took £400. I then asked for the invoice which he emailed. A few days later it rained and both windows were still leaking. I called him. He came up with some excuses and suggested he comes back to put some more stuff on. Long story short, this happened about 4 times. He cancelled 3 times (so i have called him 7 times in total) and now he won’t even pick up my phone or answer my text messages Where can I go from here? I just want the job to be completed or my £400 back so I can get someone else
  3. Not sure where to post this but just after some advise as to what action i should/could take. Bought some Indian Sweet (Ladoo) from a very famous Indian Sweet Chain called Ambala. My niece was eating one and she broke the ladoo in half and a huge piece of screw was inside. What should we do?
  4. Hi I'm just preparing myself should i encounter problems. Looking at buying a Wii from Argos together with the 3 year guarantee. I've been reading a lot about PSP's and PS3 and how Argos are asking the customer to send the consoles direct to Sony, when it's still under guarantee. Will the Wii be the same? If it breaks - will i have to send the console to Nintendo? Is the 3 year guarantee worth it then? Many thanks for reading...
  5. Hi Prob too late but here's what happened... I was driving my dads car last August and got clocked for doing 54 on a 40 mph dual carriage way. My dad got the NIP and completed part 2 and sent it off (with my details). I then got the NIP and paid the fine / got the points. However just looked at the NIP and it's got my name spelt incorrectly. Is there anything i can do? Cheers
  6. You are so right. I too would have paid if i ever got into this type of situation but reading thread after thread on this forum (what an excellent piece of work I'd like to add) - i now have the knowledge and support to fight. All the best Andy - keep us posted.
  7. Result... Took it down to Argos. Guy looked at receipt and said it's 2 years old. I said yes but it's guaranteed for 3 right? (and pointed to the box) He then said "yes but that's with the manufacturer - i think" then went away for like a second to talk to his colleague and said we'll send it off for you. Great i said. He then went to his little PC at the back and came back with a suggestion... "I'll have to exchange it for you" he said. No complaint from me - hehehe So i walked out with a new trimmer and NO argument whatsoever.
  8. I didn't take the extended guarantee with Argos - so am assuming it's the manufacturer. I actually spoke to them this morning (manufacturer) and they have asked me to send it back to them for repair/replace. Still tempted to take it to Argos first...
  9. Thanks all - guess what? I've found the receipt. It was purchased in May 05 - so 1. Shall i take it back to the store and see what they say? 2. Just ring the number given in the manual? Cheers again
  10. Thanks Just checked the box and there is no card - just the manual. And in the manual it does say to send it back if it fails to work. I think i'll ring them first.
  11. Hello I bought a trimmer from Argos about 2 years ago and on the box it says '3 Years Guarantee' It is not working now but i cannot find the receipt. Will i be able to take to Argos for a replacement? (i still have the box etc and the little ticket thing you find stuck on stuff you buy from Argos - has the isle number etc) Thanks in advance
  12. The best think to do is always get your MOT done at a MOT Station i.e. at a garage that ONLY carry out MOT's. Oh and my first post - hello
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