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  1. Lowell have removed the default and it is no longer showing on my credit file. I found some useful info on another forum to raise a complaint with Lowell , request default removal to resolve the complaint and they did it. Removed it completely and I never paid them a penny - result! When raising the complaint I told them that I would be requested a copy of the original credit agreement and a copy of the original default notice from O2. Lowell advised; I write further to our telephone conversation earlier today. Thank you for your recent contact and for letting us know about your concerns. As we discussed, the above account is now closed with a zero balance. I have also removed all information pertaining to this account from your credit file. Please allow up to 10 working days for these changes to update. I am sorry that you were unhappy with the service we have provided and I hope that we have now resolved the matter to your satisfaction. The Dispute Resolution Ombudsman also provides a dispute resolution service to assist customers who feel their complaint remains unresolved. You have the right to refer your complaint to the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman, free of charge – but you must do so within 12 months of the date of this letter. If you do not refer your complaint in time, the Ombudsman will only be able to review your complaint in very limited circumstances. for example, if the Ombudsman believes that the delay was as a result of exceptional circumstances. For more information on their services, you can visit their website at ...removed. Please let us know if you would like a copy of the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman leaflet sending out by post. Yours sincerely Keith Jeffery Customer Relations Officer
  2. Thanks for the info... I’ve not had any dealings with any DCA’s and I’m a little perplexed with some of these. British Gas for example I’m still a customer, never had a default notice, never signed a credit agreement but did change from Direct Debit to pay as you go smart meter in 2019. Cabot - never had any dealings with this company and never heard of them before yesterday! Lowell - I’ve found out today this was sold on by O2 (old Mobile phone) but I have asked Lowell that if I pay the outstanding balance will they remove default. Awaiting a written response. BT - No idea what this one is! Any help appreciated
  3. Thanks for your feedback. Is there a recognised process that you’re aware of to challenge these Defaults? Thanks for your feedback. Is there a recognised process that you’re aware of to challenge these Defaults?
  4. Hi guys First post so apologies if I've made any mistakes on posting location or if this information if held in a general file location. I have been declined a Mortgage recently based on defaults on my credit file that I genuinely didn't know anything about (details below) British Gas - Defaulted in July 2019 owing £1,871 and £992 (settled Oct 2019) Cabot – Defaulted Sept 2017 owing £330 (settled July 2017) Lowell – Defaulted May 2018 owing £79 - Bt Consumer – Defaulted Feb 2016 owing £34 - This one isn't even in my name! I was looking to see if anyone has a process or maybe letter templates for challenging Defaults and ultimately getting them removed from credit file? I have spoken to a credit repair company who are looking to charge me £250 per Default to have them removed, however I would prefer to try and challenge these myself however have no idea where to start. Any help appreciated. Happy to make a donation to the running of the site too if anyone can assist. Many Thanks
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