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  1. hello its a very happy buffy here just got back from court and got the sd and bp set aside and was awarded my costs the judge had read up well on my case and did alot of the talking for me the man who largo had sent argued everything with the judge and kept saying he was acting for a firm who where acting on behalf of direct line the judge pointed out that direct line to not own this debt but he kept saying they do i just sat there while they argued then had my turn to speak told the judge that this had been a very worring time and i have asked time and time again where this debt came from who owns the debt and what was it for the judge asked them to answer my question and he couldnt just came out with waffle they then argued some other point which i did not really understand but after 3/4 hour the judge had had enough and said he was awarding me costs they then argued about the rate for petrol he said i had put to much its only 40p tax per mile or something like that the judge worked it out and what i put had come to 40p per mile woo hoo go me ha ha so that was it, but when we got outside the man the sent said well done to me and between me and him wishes there was more people like me and i had done the right thing so a great big thank you everyone that helped and big thanks to silly girl and donkeyb and if anyone is in touch with 42man can you let him know going to have a coffee now and start breathing again Buffy x x x ps do i get my thread changed now to i'm so happy its over, ha ha
  2. thanks donkyb that was my view too. any thoughts on what i should say in court buffy x
  3. hi all got this email at 5.30 tonight any thoughts they had 4 weeks to answer all questions brought up in my defence which was some time in july they did not do this so what would happen at court thanks buffy x My client is not willing to agree to the terms set out in your consent order. The original terms that I proposed in my original consent order are still open. I have no option other than to instruct a Barrister as the hearing is fast approaching. I am away from the office on Monday however, if you are willing to sign my original consent order then please let me know by email as quickly as possible. I would be grateful if you could also reply to my home email address of i did also ask again when i sent the email who his clients where and once again he would not tell me
  4. just sent email to largo and sent consent form that donkey posted on here (BIG THANK YOU DONKEY )so will just wait now to see what they say. going to phone courtsto see if largo have sent anything in to them and then take down a copy of my costs to the court ready for tuesdays hearing will let you know if i hear anything Buffy x and thankyou sillygirl for your support xx
  5. regarding joncris post sorry dont understand they started legal procedings and have not complied with order set out at hearing ie send to court and me proof info etc that debt exists as i maintain it is statue barred and clients are not who largo say they are because ive been in contact with them and they have no knowledge of any action taking place in their name or on their behalf buffy x so why should i bare the costs
  6. why should i be out of pocket if they had a case against me then maybe i would be happy to walk away and be glad it over but they have done nothing to let me know anything about this debt i still dont know who their clients are. it just seems so wrong that i have had to pay out money. going to put in for costs because the more i think about it the more angry i get about what this company has put me through and think how many others are they doing this to everyday dont want 100's from them just what i have paid out. fingers crossed Buffy x
  7. thanks donkeyb want to get this to them tomorrow so if anyone has anything to add please let me know but it looks good to me but what do i know lol thanks again for your help buffy x
  8. from what i understand i can not show the judge the form they want me to sign but can show the letter as i feel he is trying to frighten me into signing this whole thing has been a night mare for me i am a single parent and have had to spend money on defending this claim i still do not really know who largo are acting for all i know is it is not direct line also when we last went to court the judge gave them so many weeks to reply to my defence which they have not done i dont know the law but this can not be right that a company takes you to court never telling me the reason never breaking down the sum of what they say i owe then i have to pay for stationary car parking posting letters faxing letters 4 trips to the court to actually get documents from largo which they did not send me ok its not loads of money but i am still out of pocket and that is what i find unfair and angry about, really do not want to let largo get away with this but not sure how to go about it thanks buffy x
  9. yes i think thats sounds good but i dont really know how these things work can i send something like that to them
  10. thank you so much silly girl emailing them now can you keep a look out on here incase i need you thanks due in court next week so want to get this sorted but i will go to court cos it is wrong that thet can do this to people buffy x
  11. got this letter this morning it has really made me angry that they are trying to scare me into signing should i write back to them or just see them in court next week I have spoken with my client about the contents of your email. As stated in my previous email my client wishes to withdraw on a without prejudice basis and for economic reasons. By withdrawing from this action it doesn't give you an automatic right to claim any costs against my client. You may wish to seek your own legal advice regarding your position on costs but I can state that generally a litigant in person can expect to receive very little in the way of costs. I would strongly urge you to sign the attached consent order so that the proceedings can be withdrawn before the hearing. If the matter progresses to the hearing we will instruct a Barrister to attend on our client's behalf and formally withdraw at the hearing. We will instruct them to oppose any claim for costs that you bring and in addition we will seek our costs of attendance from you which I anticipate will be in the region of £350.00. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. thanks for any advice buffy x
  12. thanks for that shadow should i tell the court about the letter largo sent me to sign Buffy x
  13. sent largo letter saying i would not sign the form they sent as i wanted to put in for costs on the 20th aug not heared anything back from them and court date is set for 28th of this month. not sure what i do now do i send the court a copy of my costs before the court date thanks Buffy x
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