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  1. I know - that's the problem. Got a Business Relationship Manager who you can only contact by phone. He's off until next Wednesday! Can't get help from anyone else. Don't know whether local branch manager can help and anyway I haven't even got the petrol money.
  2. Have just had £1750 paid into my LTSB Business Account. Rang to have a withdrawal of £500 authorised. Told NO your account is in recovery because you missed a loan payment 2 months ago. They have frozen everything. Can't pay any bills, buy any food or put petrol in car to go to work!!! Business Manager has not replied to any of my calls. HELP! What can I do?
  3. Well, I managed to make the payment at another branch. Sorry to disapoint everyone but HFC are still going. However, did learn that the branch I was originally sent to hasn't been open for a couple of months!!! I even made a phonecall today to see if they were open and was told yes by their collections center, only to receive further phonecalls to say don't go there - go to the next nearest one. On arrival at the next branch their computer system was down and the poor girl at the desk was trying to find anyone at branch level who could help. She said that the system should have been updated in January 2007!!! Maybe there is a crisis after all
  4. That was my initial thought. But it gave the number of the next branch on the door. Guess what - no answer. Birmingham - no answer. National - no answer!!!! Where do I stand on Monday if it is the same as today? I'll tell you where - late payment charge and another entry on my credit file. Oh and also a very strong temptation to spend this £380 in my pocket as it is my Birthday on Sunday
  5. Have a look here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hfc-household/124983-hfc-beneficial-crisis-broke.html Have they gone into melt down, or is it wishful thinking??
  6. Not sure where to post this but this seemed like the best place. Told by HFC guy on Christmas Eve, no payment received. Said yes, I am sending cheque. He said, no good can we have the cash. No problem, I will drop it into my local branch on 28th or 29th. Great he said thanks for that. Just been to local branch (well 18 miles away!) - CLOSED DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. I was not prepared to go to the next branch so returned home and rang to advise of problems. Guess what - no answer from their Birmingham line and their national line says, "We can't take your call at the moment due to difficulties beyond our control." Does anyone know what is happening? Is this anything to do with the sub-prime in USA? Just read on American web-site that HSBC will ditch HFC - any truth?? bd
  7. Accident/sickness claims are only allowed if it is shown that you are not receiving any income from your business. So, if I am off sick and for instance I charge £50 per hour, I could ask you to cover my appointments for £25 per hour. I am still then earning £25 per hour myself. Even if this is for just a couple of hours to honour agreements, I am not covered.
  8. broke dave will remain broke dave (no need to change my mame!); if that's who you are talking to. Still in debt even though working 6 days a week:mad: . Learnt one lesson today - keep an eye on things - you then will not miss drinkies with important people
  9. Alan, 1. I am self employed (and have been for nearly 8 years) 2. Every phone call I have received has referred to me being 'employed' by '______'. To which I have replied that's me! 3. The bank account is named 'broke dave T/A _____'; a sure sign that it is a sole trader account. 4. The box about the nature of my hobbies make me at a higher risk of injury has been ticked (I play golf and walk my dog!) 5. Due to the nature of my job (I'm a fitness consultant), I am at a high risk of injury! Do I need to go on? Have I missed something? bd.
  10. Well that's my punishment for not being on here for so long . Was looking forward to seeing you all this Friday. Of course if you don't log on you don't know what's happening . Still I'm back now on the PPI claims so bound to meet you all sometime. Happy Christmas one and all. bd.
  11. Hi all, I'm back! Been a bit slow on this one, but now taking on HFC for PPI refund. Initial letter resulted in PPI being cancelled and an enquiry started:rolleyes: . No joy so far and they have another 3 weeks to sort something out. They seem to be having difficulty finding the paperwork;) . Having read a number of threads on here it looks as though I am in for quite a fight. No worries, I took on LTSB and won; so quite looking forward to being an active member again. It's great to be back amongst like minded people - let battle commence bd.
  12. Have a look at posts 2 and 3 on this link: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/114453-general-argument-court.html
  13. Suzi, Link works and have posted there. Not much use I'm afraid but at least it is a reply
  14. Suzi, Just picked up on your thread. Not sure about your bank, but mine (LTSB) have sent me a letter about a credit card debt. In it says, "As you will know our terms and conditions allow us to take money out of any other accounts you hold with us to pay off your arrears." Well NO ACTUALLY I DIDN'T KNOW. I haven't ever seen this condition before; but it is now happening quite a lot. Your bank seems to be doing the same. I wish I could help more - perhaps by bumping your thread up someone more knowledgeable than me might help. As always, Bank Holidays get in the way. If you have no money to live on go and see CAB immediately in the morning. Good luck. bd.
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