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  1. Hi Took out car loan in 2005, we were given via british credit trust and i believe mis-sold ppi . I see they're shut now and when i google there doesn't seem much success in claiming back - i wonder if anyone has any links to addresses to claim back please and if its worth a shot ? Thanks v much xxx
  2. Thanks everyone ! I was going to email them and say don't knock me door any more as it drives me mad ! Am just worried they may knock again in the meantime between us contacting bank and seeing where we stand Shame my dogs only a westie
  3. Hi - firstly apologies if I'm wrong place ! Had a lovely chap knock on the door last nite from Robinson way asking for hubby. Chasing an old bank account debt which I know will be 5+ years old. He left me his number but I wondered should I email ? Tell them they're v naughty for knocking firstly and to go away ! And also send SAR ? I know this debt is probably 95.5% bank charges which hurts even more ! Thanks for your help guys x
  4. Hi Bit of a long story I rented a room out and my husband also needed storage so he rented a 'cupboard' ( no electricty / power points or anything). I made the mistake of putting my name on both because I didnt realise the whole to do with rates. So i had my name on both for a couple months and the lovely council sent me a huge bill - I managed to speak to rates and the allowed me to fill in relief forms and send back by email. I was then told i had nil outstanding. fast forward to last week and the bailffs turned up on my door - apparently because id had the cupboard in my name as well as a room i owed £174 which i had no paperwork for so they hammered my door down for £500 ! of course i paid it as two burley men clamping my car on my driveway was a tad embarassing ! At the same point this cupboard was in my husbands name for a whole 2 months - again i filled in the paperwork but the council told me they couldnt read the paperwork and that it was put in his name up until now ( it was released in july last year so maybe the owner hasnt admitted to this ? or they cant tie up dates themselves! ) I told mr bailff that was wrong info and that my husband does not by any means owe £900 towards the rates on a cupboard ! he said ok ill leave that one and let you contact the council ! In the mean time i panicked (understandably) and i emailed the guy helping me at the council - starightaway he emailed me back the relief form and i had it filled in and emailed him straight back Bailiff came wed 25 - i had emailed council back by 27th In this time ive had a week away with the kids, just walked in and Mr Bailff - although he said he would give me time to resolve and he has my phone number ! has written to my husband on 27th (im not sure if the dates have crossed over ) and weve walked in for it to say hes arranging for removal men to come in to my home and take goods away for the value of £900 ! so now its 7 days today - im not sure if the council have notified him that ive tried to resolve the problem and im absolutely panic struck now for what the weekend may bring i dont know what to do with myself next if im honest - the company dealing with this is called equita PLEASE can someone help me ? Im at my wits end I thought he may have called me too to let me know of his intentions - plus when he walked in he saw that we were going away as he stepped over the packed case and watched me take our spends out the tin
  5. Hi I'm having a complete melt down - can someone please point me in right direction for business rates question !
  6. ok - I know its open 10-2 so will get there soon as opens - theres an email address - should I notify them my intention to go in tomorrow ? see if makes any difference?
  7. Thank you - yep I know my fault ..... must get more flippin organised so if I go in tomorrow at 10, take notice and n56 make a payment then they wont go running after him?
  8. It was a piece of paper telling him they have to serve him papers between 7';30 and 9:30 tomorrow - call any issues and also if don't attend he could go prison 14 days - just put it thru door other day
  9. thanks - yeah its the n56 - have just completed it - was worried cause think tomorrow am expecting him to go in as have papers to serve him ( is that an info request that ive just filled in ?) he cant make it though - if I go in and hand over n56 and make a token payment will they accept it ?
  10. Hi The other half had a ccj apparently through cabot - did the ostrich act and then hes now had an attachment of earnings form - didn't fill it in (he forgot) mr bailiff said hes got to go in tomorrow morning, collect document (assume its the form) else hes going to nick ! He cant go - no work no pay no job ! ive found the attachment form and just filled it in to post and made an offer - ive just been made jobless so hes paying all the bills now (not that they'll take that in to account !) will it be ok just to post this form and ill call in tomorrow and make a token payment (or call them - hope they don't give me grief!) yours a slightly worried becky x
  11. Hi all Had a lovely letter from these charming people - want me to stump up a load of money by tomorrow - I don't think I owe it all but hey its HMRC (tax credit) right ? Anyway was going to call them offer an amount each week but thought no ! check out the consumer action group and see what you guys think ? thanks everyone in advance becky x
  12. thanks - think having a moment last nite ! I will get cca off - in mean time will that put the whole bankruptcy 'thing' on hold whilst I do it ? scared i'll buckle under time pressure and just offer to pay off if they carry on chasing !- but cca will give me time wont it? thanks soory know ask load questions 1 I appreciate all your help x
  13. Looks like it ! - is it too late to cca them ? Should I call and see when last payment was ? Really stuck now ! Thanks
  14. Sorry if I'm not being v clever ! I put a post up last week about abounding bankruptcy I think on 17th ! I was looking to see if I should still cca or what to weird next but I can't find my post ? Perhaps it me ?? ( panic now set in ) Thanks
  15. yeah my thoughts too ! sound like a***holes to me ! I don't know if im reading my credit file properly as I cant see monument on it just Lowell,lowell,Lowell ! - think they like to chase me !!! actually have no idea who I owe now as their names all over my file! should I write them a 'nice' letter ? what sort should it be? thanks
  16. HI I have been on to my credit report and Lowell has been all over it !!! I cant even see where I woe monument everything says cabot now I have not paid monument any money since I began to use debt management (but gave up on them0 The solicitors Lowell have used are called WRight Hassall
  17. Hi Can anyone help ? I know ! I'm kicking myself but I have an old monument debt that I haven't paid for a long time - just under £1500 I know I paid lots of charges and had I sent a cca they wouldn't have proof of my signature Now I have a letter from a solicitor threatening that they're going make bankruptcy proceeding against me in 14 days if I don't set up a repayment plan ! What should I do ??? Is cca too late ? Thanks everyone x
  18. Hi My house insurance was due for renewal in december - i had a leeter from Swinton and called them telling them that i was moving but details had remained same as previous year although I may be looking for landlord insurance as I was renting my proprty out. The chappie wasn't very forward in offering me a quote so i decided to look elsewhere. i paid my last direct debit and then cancelled as i had not asked them to renew for me and thought i was paid up end of. i have moved and recived a letter to the old address stating that i had to pay them a cancellation fee of £50 plus £191.74 for this years cover - which I dont want anyway !! I called them up and spoke to a 'girl' who told me that I have to go instore and prove that my house is insured elsewhere and if there are any gaps in the dates I have to pay swinton the difference ! The 'girl' also told me they would be using the card i used when I originally took the insurance out to take the full amount out of my account on tuesday 5th if i dont go instore before then - I explained to the 'girl' that under no circumstances do i give permission for swinton to take the money as I have not asked for the service! - she explained that she wasnt going to get into an arguement with me and I did my very best to remain calm at this point ! Apparently when I took the insurance out I am obliged to enable them to automatically renew my insurance ? now I understand why the first chap had no intention to quote me as he thought it was 'in the bag' ! if im not even living there how can they possibly expect me to pay them ? it states they will try to take payment and if this fails, they will try taking the following month and after this point i will incur a £25.00 charge and my details be passed to a debt recovery agency !! any suggestions guys ? many thanks!
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