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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. hi Paulkk, I'd send the DPA, they have to give you your info, they obviously have it or girl on the phone would not be able to tell you that ppi was included. You will also be able to work out how much they owe you. M
  3. Mairi

    Egg PPI

    Managed to eventually finish my spreadsheet with many thanks to ims, sent off my letter and received a letter from egg this morning. It's just as well i can laugh, ......... "we've already told you to sod off twice now so here is number 3 and we will not respond to you again.". . Downloading Small Claim form as we speak. M
  4. Mairi

    Egg PPI

    Many thanks for your help ims. Ok, so i've done the first sheet and worked out that ppi payments and ass interest comes to nearly £2k which then became a £6k loan at 7.9%. do i treat the £2k as a single premium ppi payment added when the loan starts? There were no further ppi payments on the loan. Not too sure about this part. And thanks again for your assistance. Mairi
  5. Mairi

    Egg PPI

    Have already had a few rejections to my egg ppi claim. Circumstances have meant that i have not followed up my complaint till now. But have now decided to go down the court route rather than the FOS way. Took out a card with them in 1999 which they automatically added ppi to. Interest rate on CC went up every few months so i was going to use an average to tally up the interest added on that. In 2006 my card was closed and the balance put into a loan, with an interest rate of around 8%, no ppi on the loan although it would have been full of the ppi charges from the CC. Have been going round in circles for a while now trying to work out how i should proceed. I've done around 6 different spreadsheets and still cannot make up my mind. I'm really not sure on how to (or if i should) change my calculations from the end of the card and beginning of the loan -- to the end of the loan which was only paid off around 8 months ago. I hope this makes sense, and any advice to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. mairi
  6. sorry its taken so long to get back to you Qleaper, got a I'm not sorry but here's your charges back letter at the end of the week. That was after sending them this: Sent them the FSA ruling as well. Hope you can make use of the above. Mairi
  7. This may lighten your heart. I sent PPI questionaire on my husbands behalf for a loan he took out with Abbey National in 07/08. Letter back from Santander offering full refund of PPI payments and 8% stat interest. 3 weeks after sending the questionaire refund was in his account.
  8. Hi, i'm after GE Money for a Debenhams card. Sent the SAR last month with £10 PO. GE Money sent it back saying "sorry this is not for GE money please forward to Santander uk ltd, Capital House 2, Bruntcliffe Way, Morley, Leeds, LS27 OJG. Im not sure if Santander own all the store cards that ge money processed, maybe someone with a current card could let you know for sure. Mairi
  9. Mairi

    Egg PPI

    Thaks for the reply ims. Have my calculations and just realised i did it wrong, used the monthly interest rate instead of the APR, in the compound interest calculator. Trying to redo but Egg changed their rates so often having difficulty working out the APR. Monthly rate x12 does not give me the correct figure. Sorry just found an interest rate converter that will do it for me. Mairi
  10. Mairi

    Egg PPI

    Sent my SAR to Egg and received 11 yrs worth of documents, all except my CCA which fortunatley was one of the only things i had kept a hold of. It contains no mention of PPI. To cut a long story short -ish, took out an egg card late 1999, balance was reduced by an egg loan in march 05, then another loan in June 06. So its taken till this year to finally pay off this lot. Sent my FOS questionaire and letter claiming back all the PPI and interest added. Reason behind mis-selling, insulin dependant diabetic since i was 12 and i was also a part time temporary worker doing less than 16 hrs. I posted my letter last Friday, got an aknowledgement of complaint yesterday and a sod off today. Must be a template fob off for anyone applying for CC online. They say "after carrying out a full review" took me 2 weeks to go through all that paperwork. Our online sales process *Does not require you to take ppi as a condition, *Does not provide an advisory service, *Requires you to positively confirm that you wish to purchase this policy *Provided full terms and conditions of the policy requested. this letter is our final response. I would not have ticked a box to pay more for credit as i couldn't afford to. And wouldn't have signed a contract with it . It doesn't look like they have read any of my reasons, more like she applied online so don't give her a penny. Called the FOS and they say 9 months to 1 year before they get round to dealing with cases. Not sure which way to jump now, thought i had a good case and was pencilling in a week away in October. Any advise would be appreciated. Mairi.
  11. ok, so im an old dog here finding it hard to learn new tricks as this site has become so huge. had most of my fights but now i'm looking for a new one. Fallen on hard times, yet again, and wrote to Santander about charges added to my mortgage account. Sent a letter about the charges pointing out the FSA fines on redstone mortgages and some german bank to reclaim my £120. i received a letter back from them today and just wanted to share this with anyone that may be interested in the mortgage charge arena, or the argue with santander ring. They said "I'm afraid i have to disagree with you. The recent FSA ruling applied to mortgage exit fees only." and yes they did underline "only" with many thanks to Bankfodder, for this Hot news for anyone who has suffered mortgage arrears charges, irresponsible lending or other unfair lender conduct I've submitted a reply to them and sent the 20 page final notice on Redstone mortgages and the 15 page final notice on DB uk bank for their perusal:-D. Let's see how they get on. As this is a big fat whopper of a fib i've decided to bypass the court system and let the FSA have a look at the letter sent to me. Mairi
  12. hi Glen She hasn't accepted anything in writing yet as she was waiting on her cheque arriving. Cap one have informed the court that they have settled, so they ain't going to look too good when she shows the judge the letter of settlement.
  13. Issued a small claim against cap one for my mate, after following all the other steps. Scottish small claim return date 25/1/07, preliminary hearing set for the 1st Feb. 3 weeks ago she received a letter stating "without admission of liability we will pay back full amount of claim + interest + costs." They were going to clear her balance and then refund the outstanding by cheque, "within 14 days." Well... no cheque yet, 14 days is long passed, so she gave them a call yesterday was givin the usual runaround and eventually told someone from the exec office would call her back. Same guy called her back to say noone from the exec office would speak to her and that "ALL contact was to be made by letter". LOL (you couldn't make this up) What are this shower playing at now???? We couldn't get them to stop phoning her a few weeks ago, now no one will talk to her:D Looks like we will be going to court on Thursday.
  14. Hi again willmurr, just off the phone to my mate, told her to check her account, money refunded today.. She's well pleased. I was going to phone them to give them another chance to settle too, but decided not to bother cause they didn't even reply to my offer to settle after winning my first claim. I wasn't in any hurry so i thought to hell with it, let them pay the costs and the extra interest. Will pm you about the donation thing.
  15. Hey Willmurr6, how you doing? Had any good news lately? HBOS seem to be leaving things to the last minute lately. Maybe they are burried under a huge pile of court papers.LOL Filed papers for my mate she has the same court date as you, she hasn't heard anything yet either. let us know how it's going. mairi
  16. sorry davg, can't understand why they told you that. Claim is £750 of charges + 8% interest + £39 fee. Received nearly £920 back from BOS to settle my first claim. Clerk of court must have made a mistake. What hagenuk said was right.
  17. Unfortunatley the thing about Ordinary action is you need to be able to pay, upfront, for a solicitor and you are open to higher court costs if you lose. Lots of the members of this site would be unable to afford a solicitor. I've just won my 4th case against BOS (through the Scottish system)and the highest outlay i had (before settlement) was £69.
  18. Xmas bonus received today, courtesy of the BOS. No 4 settled, onto Round 5 next week. Phew... I can see the end in sight. LOL
  19. Catiax Check out Summary cause, it has a limit of £1500. Not too much different from small claims. Lilacj Ive had 1 sm claim + 2 Summary cause settled against this mob, waiting on my next action being settled at the mo, still have my account and my £500 overdraft intact.
  20. Congratulations ehstevie, Great feeling isn't it... Putting your post here will also help us Scots to make a difficult choice between which route to take.. Thanks
  21. Hi Cambus celt, You could go after Crap one with a Summary cause which has a limit of £1500. You could do 1 Summary Cause and one small claim for Account 1, and the other 2 will fit nicely into the small claim procedure. Summary cause isn't too different from small claims, Scotias post on filling out small claim will do for summary cause too, biggest diff is the serving of the summons which you will have to pay a Sheriff Officer (found in yellow pages) between £15-£30 to serve it on the bank. Just make sure you download the correct forms from the courts website. Or as you say you could go down the English system if the 6 year limit makes a big difference to your claim. There is a thread on the Scottish forum of Scots using the English courts. Ehstevie has won against LTSB using English court and Dazzaboy2 is taking on the BOS through this route also. There is another thread of others that are fighting in England. Can't find it at the moment though, sorry. You need to do some reaserch on it but it does seem to work. It really comes down to weighing up the pros and cons and deciding what is best for you. Good luck
  22. Hey Vampiress. I SAW YOU. Your famous....Well done.. How good was that programm???? The best yet i reckon.. Mairi
  23. Since i came on at 10.45pm there has been at least another 60 new members. Well done CAG!!!!!!! and of course PC.
  24. I saw it all. It was the best yet. Made the whole issue of reclaiming pretty easy to understand. Stephen was a star.. Even the guy from the OFT sounds like he's on our side. Wish i'd taped it mairi
  25. Hi peigibeag. If your claim is for £1014.69. Then it may be less stressful for you to go for 1 summary cause. The forms are the same , apart from the title at the top of the page, (Scotias post in "guidance notes" can be used for small claim + summ cause, just make sure you download the correct page from the court website) the only difference is the court send the papers to you and you have to get a sheriff officer (found in the yellow pages)to serve the summons. You'll pay another £30 if hand delivered, £15 if they post it, this is a court cost and will also be refunded (as long as you keep reminding them)LOL Try not to worry, you will get your money back.
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