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  1. Thanks for all the congrats! AKI: I couldn't personally comment on proceeding during the test case; however I do believe that payouts from the banks are inevitable, but we shall see...good luck with your claim. I would also like to say thanks to all at CAG as if it weren't for all the other posts, success stories and help (Kate!), I would never have started my claim.
  2. Just an update to anyone who read this or are going through their reclaim; I received a goodwill offer on the 30/01/08 for the full amount that I claimed of £1117.11. As previously mentioned, I calculated this amount incorrectly and the bank didn't check this - not that I am complaining! Even though my claim is stayed in the courts pending the test case, I received the goodwill offer through the post which I duly accpeted by Recorded Delivery I must say, I am completely suprised but of course over the moon with this result. Just thought I would add this to my thread in conclusion of my claim. Goodluck to all.
  3. Hi Kate, Looking back now, i didnt do enough research. I only discovered this website yesterday and there is a wealth of information i didnt know! Basically, i followed the steps form the bbc website, just sent one letter to natwest, received a negative response and within a few days, issued a court claim. I only sent natwest a copy of my statements, highlighting the charges - as i didnt know about creating a spreadsheet. I havent sent anything to the court or to cobbetts. I also didnt know about the interest and subsequently just claimed for my charges. on the particulars i put: 1. Between 04/04/03 and 02/06/06 the Defendant debited numerous charges from the Claimant?s bank account. 2. The charges are an unfair penalty under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999, because they are a disproportionately high sum in compensation compared to the cost of the purported breach. 3. Under the law of penalties, the charges are an unlawful ?extravagant? penalty. 4. The Claimant asks the court to enter judgment in their favour for £1117.11. as per what i got from another website. im all confused now, and not sure what to do - so any advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks
  4. Kate, Thanks for your quick reply! I didnt calculate any interest that my charges accumalated, and therefore only claimed for the exact amount that they charged me for (well at least i originally thought!). Natwest havent acknowledged any mistake, all i received was the standard papers form cobbetts requesting further info and stating their defence. Maybe i should just leave it and if the bank realises they can deduct it from my claim? Thanks for your help.
  5. Hi all, Upon checking back on my statements, i found that Natwest had duplicated some months in the statements they sent through, to which i included in my claim amount. My claim went through, Natwest have entered a defence and i have received the paperwork form cobbetts. I thought i would send thorugh my schedule as per their request, but wanted to double check - and have subsequently realised my mistake. What can i now do? can i write to the courts and amend my claim - or will this now be thrown out? the money i originally claimed for didnt include interest, but since i recalculated, the actual charges equate to around £200 less than what i have claimed, interest would be more than this - so could i get away with it?? If there is anyone that could help me or point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
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