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  1. Hi Jenny how are you? Long time no speak! I've not had anything from new solicitor? Wonder what that's all about?! Really hope our claims get sorted this year as, like everyone else, I could do with the cash and we've been put on hold for far too long! Scoobz xx
  2. Hi Peeps.... I had almost given up hope but there's light at the end of the tunnel at last! Bring it on OFT we've all got our fingers crossed! Scoobz
  3. Hi Peeps I've just emailed all the links on this thread! Lets keep this crusade going guys & gals! Keep up the great work! Scoobz
  6. Hi Peeps Well I attended the 'application hearing' today at Leeds Mercantile in front of Judge Kaye and said my bit asking for the stay not to be granted for various reasons. A&L sent a representative but not sure if it was Wraggies? Unfortunately after a lot of deliberation and some kind supporting words from Judge Kaye the stay was granted (not a shock). The Judge stated that once the OFT case is heard in January/February and if, in the first instance, the result is in favour of the Claimaints, then A&L will have to pay up. Judge Kay mentioned J.Barton's case (Jenny) and agreed that a similar pattern of events had ensued and that he was not happy in the way A&L 'abuse' the court system but never the less he still had to impose the stay. Oh well I'm counting the days down now and it won't be long until we are all laughing (I'm sure)... Scoobz
  7. Hi Jan Nice to hear from you... Glad to hear some people are having success with their hardship cases. It's sooooooo quiet on here its spooky. I'll let you know what's said on Monday although I think we all know what the outcome will be. Take Care Scoobz
  8. Hi Jen I'm fine thanks hope you are too? It doesn't say which judge is at hearing on Monday but I don't suppose it will make any difference as they all seem to be granting the stays anway. Its very quiet on here and there's not been much in the press about the banks and the test case, hope its good news for us all in the New Year! Take care Scoobz
  9. Hi Everyone... Well it's finally arrived from Wraggies, the 'APPLICATION FOR STAY' dated 15th November (why has it taken them so long I wonder)?! I was due at Leeds Mercantile on 29th November for my trial but now have to attend on 26th November for the Application Hearing. I'm going to attend but I'm not going to waste my money applying to have the stay lifted as I would be fighting a losing battle. I wonder if Wraggies will attend? Roll on January!! Scoobz
  10. Hi Squarebob Well done in court! I think you made the right decision in not fighting the stay as I get the feeling that unless you are a real hardship case then you've got no chance. People have been paying out loads to apply to have stays lifted without success but at the time I don't think people knew what they were up against which is a shame as the majority of people could not afford the fee. If A&L apply to have my case stayed when I'm in court on 29th Nov then I will be following the same course of action that you have and will hold out until the test case in the new Year, although I will still say my piece in court. Roll on January! Regards Scoobz
  11. Good Luck on Monday, I'll be thinking of you and waiting for your news! Make sure you put a ROCKET up A&L's case. Regards Scoobz
  12. Hi Ja-de I contacted Ed Balls (Normanton) quite some time ago by email and I finally received a letter from him today stating that he has written to Kitty Usher MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, to raise my concerns. He has stated he will get back to me when he receives a response.. Regards Scoobz
  13. Hi Peeps Got my 'Trial' date through for 29th November from Leeds Mercantile with a time estimate of 2 hours. I expect I'll be receiving Wraggies 'request for a stay' through the post very shortly! Keep you posted.... Scoobz
  14. Well done Jen Sounds like a good outcome for you, even though you've got to wait a few more months. Like you said I bet the solicitor will get some stick for saying that they will pay up once OFT sorted! All you need to do now is just count down the days Hope you feel better soon... Scoobz
  15. Hi Jen I've got everything crossed for you - GOOD LUCK AND GIVE THEM SOME GRIEF!! Scoobz
  16. GOOD LUCK TOMOZ EVERYONE, I'LL BE THINKING OF YOU ALL! Jen, Give Wraggies some stick (if they decide to turn up)! Scoobz
  17. OMG Jen I can't believe that they have left it this long before they've applied for a stay, they are just getting so annoying its untrue? The letter you've composed looks great to me and if you need a list of the A&L cases settled since the OFT Test Case then I've got one that I can send you... I agree that it would be a good idea just to give the Judge this letter and see what he has to say about it because if he does allow the stay to be granted I think it would be a waste of £65 to apply to have it lifted as this does seem to be an ongoing battle that claimants are now having to face, and there's not been many who have won. I expect my stay request is winding its way to me too! Scoobz
  18. Just a thought... I think they are quoting the Leeds Mercantile Court (High Court) Case Management Conference on 29/08/07 as the Judge granted stays on all cases where a stay had been applied for? All claimants and defendants were given the opportunity to put their cases forward and the Judge then made this decision. When the judge was asked if claimants could appeal he stated that they could but it would be highly unlikely that his desicion would be over-ruled. Because this was the High Court I suppose its set a precedence? I wonder if you rang Leeds Mercantile Court (0113 3062461) they would send you a copy of the details relating to this 'carlisle & others v clydesdale bank & others' or if they could clarify the relevance to the hearing and the request for a stay to be lifted? Scoobz
  19. Hi Jen Glad to see you are back. Hope you had a lovely holiday? I take it you haven't heard anything from Wraggies whilst you were away? Its been very quiet on here and everyone seems really down with all the stays being issued. Not long until your day back at court, its certainly going to be interesting to see if they send anyone from Wraggies?? I'm just waiting for hearing date now (hopefully October) but won't be surprised if it ends up being a stay hearing! Scoobz
  20. Hi Gold Good luck with your claim and as chubbasdad stated it is a waiting game... Its very quiet on here at the moment as lots of people have had their claims stayed until the OFT Test Case nxt year. If you need any help then just shout up as there's plenty of helpful people on here... Regadrs Scoobz
  21. It sounds like you got same letter as me from Wraggies (mine was dated 7th September)... I've read your thread and I've never seen an order like that before so I'm afraid I can't help but I'm sure a MOD will take a look and point you in right direction. I would imagine Wraggies will panic when they see it !!
  22. Hi Robbednomore I'm not sure but it looks like the court have set a date for a prelim hearing and due to the amount of stays that have been requested up to now, they are covering themselves by stating that it will be a stay hearing or a directions hearing, depending on what Wraggies do. Which court is it? Have you been asked to do a court bundle? Did your letter from Wraggies just state that they 'intend to apply for a stay'? Best way to find out if they have applied for a stay is to phone the court, they will be able to tell you straight away and then you can at least prepare yourself. The letter I received just said that they intended to apply for a stay but nothing as yet but they do tend to leave things to the last minute! Good luck Scoobz
  23. Thanks Jan & Nicky I'll have a read of the link just in case.. It's all quiet at the moment not heard anything from court or Scraggie Wraggies but I'm sure they will be up to no good plotting and scheming as usual ! Keep you posted! Scoobz
  24. Good Luck and if you need anymore help just let me know.. Scoobz
  25. Good Luck tomorrow Squarebob, give it to them both barrels!! Let us know how you go on as soon as you're back home! Scoobz
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