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  1. Thanks for your replies. Firstly I didn't know that the £10 had been credited to my account until I was informed yesterday. there are now new developments. I asked for a copy of the Default Letter that they sent/or should have sent. They then sent me what was titled a Second Default Notice (my understanding is you could only send one). The total owed includes the Court Fee they said they have paid out £60 although I have yet to receive any papers. That default notice was issued yesterday but doesn't propose a time when it should be paid save that unless I paid within 24 hours they would c
  2. I have been contacted by them in regards to a really old loan. I last made payment in Feb 2009 and I sent a SAR request off to them in Dec 2009. They appear to have used the £10 fee for SAR as payment for the loan. Two questions is the SAR an acknowledgement of the loan? secondly they say that even though I haven't made a payment the fact that they have written to me keeps the timeline "live"
  3. Indeed but what they are saying is that the wording of my complaint acknowledged the debt so consequently extending the statute of limitations
  4. No it doesn't. The latest date on my credit file is for something in 2009
  5. Been contacted by MMF into a payday loan Im supposed to owe. In short they say the account defaulted in August 08 although I never received a default notice. I have never made a payment since. However in June 2014 I made a letter of complaint to the payday loan company which contained the words "I have a payday loan with your company..." Does this extend the statute of limitations?? I've a feeling I messed up. Any help appreciated.
  6. Well I have evidence that no credit check was carried out. A litany of unfair charges etc
  7. I am helping out a relative with his Payday loans. Now I know the OFT have spoken about Payday lenders not considering affordability etc etc. Could I make a formal complaint to OFT or the Ombudsman. As I know for sure that no checks were done before issuing this loan. They gave it double quick.
  8. I was aware I was in arrears and was making payments albeit irregular. I would have thought that they had a legal obligation to write to me and furnish me with a summons? Also once obtaining the Order they are legally obliged to write to me saying that arent they? Two years ago I received a summons and went to Court and got a hearing with the Magistrate and the Council employee was basically humiliated and the application thrown out. Could this be pay back?
  9. I have just had a visit from Jacobs Bailiffs have come to collect for non payment of Council Tax. They refer to a Liability Order that was issued on 14/10/2012. We have received NO notification in regard to a Liability Order either that the Council were pursuing one or thefact that one had been granted. I thought that they had a legal obligation to inform me all the way if they were pursuing this through the Courts. Can I make complaint to the Council and in the meantime how do I deal with the Bailiffs.?
  10. I had a payday loan of £200 rolled it over once and then couldn't afford to pay last Nov. Of course I got the usual threatening e mails texts and phone calls etc, but I never engaged with them as I didnt have the money to pay. Anyway the total went upto over £900 with fees and interest etc but I continued to ignore them. Last week I got an e mail saying I could settle the account for £250. I replied back with. "no chance but Ill settle for £100" They bit my hand off and I paid and my account is now clear. They really know that they don't have a leg to stand on with all these fees
  11. Thanks for that. I only received 1 reminder but no red letter. Should I make an SAR request
  12. I have received a Council Summons but no Red Letter. Arent they legally obliged to send me one first?
  13. I owe money to Capital Finance but have cancelled my debit card. How can they access my account with no instruction in place? Also how do they get hold of relatives accounts? Thats theft surely
  14. I got a text today from Mr Wright from Pre Removal they are a firm called Mc Call Repo. Not from Dorset way the bloke I spoke to was a Scouser. When I told him I was recording the call he hung up.
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