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  1. Just to update you guys... I had phoned up PC World's customer service and told them that the Manager had refused to even look at my printer or offer a replacement - quoting the 28 days crap. Customer Service said this was wrong and they should have looked at it. They phoned up the store and explained this to a guy called Chris. Phoned me back and told me everything was sorted and to go back to the store and see Chris. Went into store today and asked for Chris. Told him who I was and that he should have been expecting me. Blank look from Chris. Explained to Chris that I came in
  2. Thanks Demon. I thought that was the case. The Manager I demanded to speak to after the assistant was very dismissive. I asked him if he knew the Sale Of Goods Act and he said yes. Asked for his name and the Head Office. Phoned them up before and the phone operator said I was correct and the Manager should have offered to repair it. She phoned the store up in order to speak to the Manager but it was near closing time and got no answer. She said she was going to follow it up tomorrow and call me back.
  3. Hi all, I just took my faulty printer back to PC World today. I bought it on the 8th March, so it's not even 2 months old yet. The fault isn't down to me. Assistant told me that they won't refund or repair it because it is out of their warranty period which is 28 days, so I need to contact manufacturer. Is this legal? As I understand, Under the Sale Of Goods Act, if a fault appears in the first 6 months I'm entitled to a repair or a replacement from the RETAILER, not the manufacturer. Are they legally entitled to fob me off to the manufacturer less than 2 months after
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