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  1. Spiteful, and a bit...dense I think. She still thinks there is money locked away in the property and can't comprehend that negative equity means it's not worth anything (in terms of profit) to her. Essentially they just want to milk my brother dry. I've told him to go to Citizen's advice in the first instance and write a letter to Capstone afterwards.
  2. No he's not in arrears and never has been which is good, I do believe their lender is Sub-prime, it's Capstone Mortgages, they couldn't get a mortgage due to her poor credit rating. The other side's family are now instructing her to demand a 5k pay out before she takes her name off the mortgage which I feel is extortion considering she doesn't even earn 5k a year!
  3. Need some advice for my brother. He's in a mortgage with his now ex-girlfriend, he is the principle earner in the relationship and has a clause that if anyone was the leave the mortgage it would have to be her. Anyway, things have got rather sour, she will only leave the mortgage if he buys her out, i.e releases equity on the house. The house was bought for 150k at the beginning of 2008, it's a 50% shared ownership house, making it a 75k mortgage. The house is now valued at around 130k. Obviously if they were to sell up they would be in negative equity and would make a loss. My br
  4. Nothing back from the ICO yet unfortunately. I did mention default removal, but rather stupidly did not back it up with a statute. I merely said i wanted the unsubstantiated default removed.
  5. All charges have been refunded on the account, so that matter is largely settled. My problem is the default only now. Is it worth entering into further litigation with Citi just to get this removed? I received default judgement against them last time, so didn't prove either way if charges were unlawful.
  6. Still no response from the ICO on this one, how about you Enron? I'm thinking of stepping up my attack as this default is actually causing me financial hardship with mortgages/loans that sort of stuff.
  7. Judging by some of the problems people are facing in this forum, my own problems may well be seen as tiny in comparison, but I'm willing to bet a lot of people are in a similar situation to me. Re-wind 5 years, I was working for the RBoS, unfortunately not with the kind of pension Mr Goodwin is on, far from it, I was earning 10k a year!Struggling to make ends meet I got involved with credit cards and loans, then the usual thing happened, bills piled up, debts grew larger, and I started ignoring them through shame. Things picked up a year or so later, new job, more money and set abou
  8. Bloody hell it just doesn't get any better for you does is mate! Just reading through your post i see you're thinking of having a closing down sale, or maybe retaining ownership and opening up at weekends only. My only comments on that subject would be, is it going to cost you more to sell up now, or to keep the shop open? If it's cheaper to close up, and you've got other employment options lined up, personally i'd go with that. You could have the potential to work overtime at the new place, and therefore gain guaranteed finances, rather than hoping you get takings at the shop.
  9. Unfortunately I do not think i can take the CCA route, my account is now closed, and was closed at the time of my initial litigation with Citi. I do have a question though, if judgement was awarded in my favour, all be it in default. Does that mean that because Citi have failed to defend, their charges must have been unlawful?
  10. Hopefully something, i've got something which may come a cropper for Citi..!
  11. Purpleperson, your story is really heart breaking and puts a lot of things in perspective, i'm sure not just for me, but for everyone reading this. You've already got a lot of good advice from people, I myself found myself in a situation where I had more money going out in debts than I did coming in, but thanks almost entirely to the good people on this site, I have claimed ALL of my charges back and almost entirely cleaned my credit history, so every cloud does have a silver lining, believe me. I would definitely start on the case of reclaiming as much of the charges as you can, i
  12. What impact would there be if the account was now closed?
  13. Good idea that. Citi literally have nothing to substantiate the default, no CCA, no proof a default notice was ever sent out (all manual intervention has been 'purged'). All of this coupled with the fact they had judgement against them for unlawful charges which make up the amount of the default make it hard for them to defend really.
  14. Not much of an update, as i've been busy with work and Christmas, but the fun and games continue. S.10 Notice served to Citi around 2 months ago, no response obviously. Sent signed for though, so i have proof it was received. Contacted Experian to complain about the unsubstantiated default Citi are recording against my credit file, no response well after 28 days from Experian. What's the best course of action to take to speed up proceedings?
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