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  1. Jack daniels made me very ill once. Just thought id share that with u. ;-)
  2. Sigh. Still NO MONEY in my account. Sigh. Thanks for your words of encouragement tho, they are appriciate it. Its just soooooooooooo frustrating because they know they have to pay but they are draggin their heels. p!ssed off.
  3. CONGRATULATIONS Buffy and all the family!!! Hope all is well xxxxx
  4. No I know they didnt, we had to fone them yesterday after me nearly fallin off the chair and giving Sainburys a right old bolloxing for thier mistake. Only to look like a prize wally and tell them well actually it is the banks fault... and it would have been curtious to tell their cumstomers. Does this happen often as ive only had the acount with them for 1month
  5. am checking in too, waiting.....hope all is good xxx
  6. I think I have won as I have a letter here stating that Halifax are willing to pay my charges back and 8% interest and that it will be in my bank within 14days so I havent really won intill the money is in my bank!
  7. Yep the letter is offereing full amount plus interest of 8% wont believe it till its in the bank tho
  8. Check your bank accounts because if u have made any transactions using your solo card on Thursday 5th July they will have been duplicated. Natwest have promissed that all the funds will b e put back into accounts on monday! How do I know this? Because it has just happened to me! Shopped in Sainsburys Thursday 5th july totaling £109.20 and on 6th of july it was taken out again! Contacted Sainsburys and assured me there must be a mistake at bank! foned natwest who have just confirmed the above. and are doing all they can to refund people on monday! Some blinkin glitch eh! Cant trust the banks no-more!
  9. Thanks Deedee and Buffy, How are you doing guys? u still hangin on in there then buffy, god.......u must be going nuts now waiting for lil buffy to say hi!! well, I havent had a letter from haliprats this morning like they said they would so what do i do now? Should I send the pay up or I will submit judgment letter, or do I give them a ring and slap them about a few times. P.s I was out when postie came today
  10. hmmm, nothing in bank tho, maybe I have to accept the offer via the letter they are supposidly sending?
  11. Dont hold your breath! they have been nothing but a pain in the ass to me!! let us know as soon as u get the statments Good Luck x
  12. Have I won? Halifax have called me with an offer to accept my charges + interest today. They said they will send me out a letter of offer in the post today and should recieve it 2mrw :-s any ideas??
  13. Hi Jubaxt I really dont know what the best route for you to follow is? I am absolutly dumfounded by the way they are trying to deal with the influx of claims, it is very much apparent that they have not put in place any systems for the employees to follow!! I hope you get somewhere by monday
  14. I will.... got i feel sick, im sure this isnt right tho
  15. I dont have a fax machine, and anyway they only have till thursday 4pm to achnowledge :-| its not my fault they havent "recieved" them is it?
  16. Right well, they called........ They still cant find my papers. bloke on fone asked me if I would fax him a copy of my deemed served notice of issue. I replied. "yes of course I will, But that will incurr you a £39 Administration charge are you willing to accept these terms?" Once he got up off the floor he then told me that my case would be passed back for consideration :-| and to await a call tomorrow :-| but he confidently told me that they would not make an offer including interest. HELP!! im scared now
  17. K i'll go and have a squiz now theres a right bunch of........
  18. yep, I told them that I have spoke to the court and that the papers have been deemed served.......... so fooking annoying I can really do without this now
  19. Hi tilly, I have rung them again and they are still tellin me there's been no papers recieved..................Now I am brickin it, they havent got them have they? I'll be the 1st person to be made a prize wolly now
  20. Halifax still havent rung me back yet, Im gettin worried now :-|
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