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  1. OMG deedee, Good luck chicken, I hope everything goes well for you xxx
  2. This is absolutly redicilous, I keep reading about people that have had their money well before their time is up! I dont understand what is going on with mine and your cases miz. Im just so god damn angry at the moment ist is nothing more than a p!ss take.
  3. 8 days now!!!! am watching your thread!!1
  4. I know how u feel miz, and you are right about suing them and gettin more money back than the charges 3 times over!! just done a 10.30 check - nothing
  5. no news yet miz, but then they have until wednesday end of business to deposit mine
  6. well that is a load of bollox if ive ever heard!
  7. maybe now? If it doesnt work this time.............lol Sorry for compleatly ruining your thread OP.
  8. Hey steven 4064 I have signed the petition on bank charges and benefits. I will too advertise this link too if that is ok?
  9. I have got to say it but Burts Crisps are absolutly LUSH!! they are local crisps to devon and are absolutly blinkin, smashing, gorgeous there is a website.
  10. lol no but I am tho, ROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR (cough cough)
  11. I dont like canaries, and I dont like yellow much! lol id prefer a red dragon
  12. bollox, got in to account . . .NOTHING Thought i was in for a winner then
  13. I still cant get into it, its tellin me that 1 or more of their systems is unavailable :-|
  14. Just going to do a 11.45 check and i cant get on my online account!! Anyone else having the same probs?
  15. Thanks Halifax are being awkward at the moment, I will not be suprised if they dont pay up by that time!
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