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  1. Hello Everyone! Just sent my LBA recorded delivery LOL I am keen 14days are tickin....tick....tock.....tick.....tock hehehehe quite exciting
  2. Hiya Anti halipratzians LOL The Interest goes on your N1 or MCOL application after the 2weeks expires on your LBA. Calculate the interest from the 1st bank charge within the 6year period also on that you can include your costs i.e paper, stamps, time. But DONT forget to ADD on your N1/MCOL COSTS LOL!!! Let me know how you go suze & allycat. This will be fun :D
  3. hiya guys 2mrw is the day I send my LBA to Haliprats Shall post when I get a response
  4. Right well today we have checked the Royal Mail recorded delivery thingy mabobby and it showes that the LBA has been recieved by Nationwide. We shall sit tightly for a reply
  5. Hi there, I have a claim in for Halifax but I didn't send my statements in....I have every statemnt for 14 years so I put in my prelim that they should refer to their archives Ohh not to mention saving the trees too ;-)
  6. As per our expectations really. I had no thoughts of mugging the postman in the morning anticipating a letter with something nice written upon it!Anyhow, this is a pretty much redundant account these days as we have opened a joint account elsewhere so if they get on their high horses and close the account, it's no real loss. We'll keep fighting until the death though, nothing ventured...nothing gained eh?
  7. Today (30/04/07) we posted off the LBA to Nationwide, Recorded delivery to assure they can't deny getting it of course. 13 days, 21 hours and 15 minutes for them to reply lol. I'll be very impressed if I even get a reply to be honest so we're keeping up the effort and planning the next step already. The N1 awaits eager vengance now. Will keep you informed if anything happens in the mean time.
  8. Cheers Tinhat, I think our experiances will help other CAG members along with claiming their bank charges!!!
  9. Hi there everyone, Nationwide are not liking this claim for excessive unfair bank charges are they?? My husbands very short story goes like this :- Wrote prelim to Nationwide on 19th April (downloaded it from the BBC financial website) Got a letter from the monkeys dated 20th April reading :- At the time you opened your account you agreed to abide by the terms and conditions clearly setting out how accounts should be operated. Charges are applied to a members account when the account exceeds its agreed overdraft limit or a payment is retuned due to insufficient funds. We notify you of the charges incurred, on your monthly statements and charges are debited from the account 28days after the statement is produced. We'll try wherever possible to help you manage your account but it is ultimately your resbonsibility to ensure funds are available to cover these charges and any further payments that are due. After careful consideration of your request. We're sorry that we cant agree to your charges being refunded. Only in exceptional circumstances do we refund charges and on this we feel it would be unfair to other members who find themselves in a similar situation and whose charges still remain, We realise that our answer will disappoint you however we trust we have clarified the society's position. yours sincerely some one from Nationwide. Does anyone know what we should do next? Thanks for reading Lisa
  10. Hi thanks for that 1159skunk, Their time is up as from the 3rd of May. I will send LBA dated the 4th and go on from there. I shall update ;-)
  11. HI guys, I haven't long been on this site, but after reading your threads I thought I might jump on the thread bandwagon and start one of my own in realation to reclaiming my bank charges with the halifax. Basically I am looking for £500 this is the amount of unauthorised charges I had on my account last year and the only time ive ever had them as i lost my job:mad: Anyway, I have sent in my prelim on the 19th April and I have recieved a letter back. Which goes like this....... Thannk you for your recent complaint ....blah blah blah.........one of my collegues will fully investigate your complaint.....blah blah blah.....We will settle your complaint as early as possible or if not we will write and update you of our progress in 4 weeks.............Blah blah blah yours sincerely Silly person Do I just hang out now intill I hear somethin? Im not sure :-? Cheers Lisa
  12. Hi there. We have been reading through the forum and it is full of friendly help and advice. My husband and I have just sent our prelims (downloaded from the BBC financial website) to our banks, Halifax and Nationwide on the 19th of April. My husband recieved a firm no from his bank, Nationwide. The reply recieved was full of apologies and basically said it was unfair to issue any individual a refund of bank charges and that they only offer refunds in exceptional circumstances. It then went on to say that if hubby hadn't gone overdrawn there wouldnt have been no charges thus being his own fault Thing is he's only trying to claim £300! Can anyone help us to the next step of this obvious standard reply? My case with the Halifax was more positive with a reply of "we will carry out a full investigation of your complaint" and that they will respond to my concerns in the next four weeks. From reading the other threads it appears that banks take no action until they recieve confirmation of court action. I understand there is alot of paths to walk before we go to the courts scenario but we are not going to let this drop!!! any advice much appreciated Lisa and Mart xxxx
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