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  1. I'm hoping you can help me. January this year my very old but very trusted Fijitsu Siemens Laptop blew up. it wasn't the lappy but the charger that took the lappy out :sad face: So I got on to the insurance company and they sent me £360 in comet vouchers for the replacment. I wasn't extatic by the amount but as depreciation sets in and the laptop was old I accepted. Anyway, off I went to buy a lappy only to find out that in Comet at that time I couldn't really buy a great laptop without adding money to it and at that time just after christmas I didn't have the kind of money available at a drop of a hat for the many Apple Airbooks they had on display so I looked a little on the lower budget end shall we say........ Acer! GRRRRR GRRRRR GRRRRRR And the thing is I still had to put money towards it! The problems I am having at the moment with this lappy is unbelivable. It runs when it wants too, it over heats when it fancy's it and shuts down because its been online for more than 1 hour at a time. I was wondering where do I stand with my rights as a consumer? I phoned up Comet who told me I had to phone Acer but I was led to believe that it's Comet who have to do whatever it is they have to do to sort the problems out. I phoned Acer, needless to say I got through to their customer support in India who was reading from a screen and really didn't understand the problem. Acer are in plympton, Devon. I live about 20miles from them and wondered would it be worth going there? but then I thought it is Comet who need to deal with this problem and not Acer?! Basically i'd like my money back but I don't think that would happen. but i'm not sure its a repairably job as it seems to me like its a manufacturing fault as the laptop isn't well vented to let the heat escape? I don't know really i'm no lappy expert. What should I do to resovle the problem? Thanks. Lisa
  2. Oh yes sorry, I see what u mean now just generalising the service. I just havent got any idea on whats going on with them at the moment. I think I am going to fone and cancel the lot. I havent returned the contract to them yet. Regards Lisa
  3. Hi I think that was meant for a different post? I didnt ask for the v+ offer!! or neither was I one of the 500th customers. And I didn't do a 30/40 quid deal either lol. errrr confusion has set in. Regards Lisa
  4. Hello. On August the 13th 2007 I made the worst decision in a long time. I had virgin media installed. Within the 1st 10minutes of the engineer leaving the problems began. The T.V package was ok. The 20meg Broadband and our telephone with existing number didnt exist. The installation CD we were given to install on P.C just did not run. The Broadband took 24hours to connect and the worst thing was was that we were downloading slower than 56K dial up. out telephone number we had with BT hadn't been trasported over (the engineer hadn't been told to transport and was the 1st thing he had known about it as it wasnt down on his sheet!!!) we were given an Virgin Media number which I refused and told them to import the BT number. it took them 1month to do. The Broadband however was running at below 56k for around three weeks. My husband and I phoned and phoned and phoned day in and day out to get our problems sorted. 25p a minute calls to Pakistan still hadn't solved our broadband service I telephoned customer care to complain about the poor overseas service and that 3 weeks on I still didnt have what I wanted. The errrrr errrrrrmm not so polite customer service represent had called ME an IDIOT (unlucky for her it was a recorded convosation) because she had said that there was clearly something wrong with my P.C. Anyway Husband called the cancellations line because quite frankly we had had ENOUGH! On that line we spoke to a manager who had convinced us to stay by upgrading us to the XL t.v package for 6months and free movies for 3 months which I have to say I haven't even watched. Our package that we signed up for is Large T.V anytime telephone and 20meg Broadband all for £37 a month. but bizzarley we cannot have what we were sold for that price, our bills each month are £60 plus...... I just simply cannot work this out. we have foned and foned but to be told that we cannot have the deal that we had been sold. Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks lisa. P.S the next bill is for £74.30.
  5. Well we won our case back in july 16th 2007, got what we wanted payout wise with interest, but we haven't had the "black unpaid marks" taken off our credit report which was asked for in the P.O.C. How do I go about them taking away these nasty marks?? Lisa
  6. Right, About 2months ago I had sent off my CCA request as per this site asking for my credit agreement for the 2 debts with studio and ace catalouges They both sent me back unopened credit agreements, there was nothing writtin in either of them, they sent this to me about 2-3weeks ago now but I have had a family crisis daughter broke her arm and had to have major op to put it back to gether again so I thought stuff it im spending time with mini me. Now with things better i'm not sure what my next step is? can anyone help me?
  7. Hiya, The letter states that they are coming on Tuesday to disconnect our supply or if possible fit a prepay meter. but as i said, this is the frst we know about it, but powergen are saying that they have sent us letters? But I have not got anything from them appart from a bill and this disconnection notice, and thank god we did get it because if were not here on tueday the guy on the fone this afternoon said that they will simply cut off your supply if your not there!!!!! well.. I dont know what to say to that.
  8. Right where do I start? 4th of June a debt collector from Face2Face arrived at our house for the gas and electric bill that has not been paid (long story short just simply could not affored to pay the bills) He did not enter the house as me and hubby were outside the house watching my daughter playing. He told us why he was calling he had with him the amounts of both utility bills we saw his I.D so thought he was genuine. There was a few complications with the bills as they wern't addressed to either of us, just to "the occupier" So mr rep man said because of this we had to wait for him to submit all the information he had asked us back to powergen so we could have the bill in our name before he could come back and get a pre-pay meter in for us. (i had asked him to do this other than agree to a payment schedule as we are on benefits and dont have any money. While he was at our front door he asked us our income and expenditure, if we had chirldren, he noted what locks we had on our door and noted where our meters are. Then today....the postman brings us 2 letters, both from powergen saying to us that they are coming out om tuesday to disconnect the gas and electric supply and that there has been a warrent issued for entry costing us £230 EACH!!! Now I am upset by this as per our visit from mr Face2Face Rep man we were thinkin that we were gettin our pre-paid meters installed intime, as our bill with my husbands name on only arrived August 18th or there abouts that. Untill today that is the only thing we have recieved from powergen or face2face is the disconnection letter and the bill with hubbys name on. Forgot to mention hubby did actually sign to say he wanted the pre-paid meters installed as a way of paying back the debt. So what do we do from here? I have phoned energy watch and they put hubby thro to the major complaits dept at powergen. All help would be greatfully recieved. Thank you
  9. Yes - It appears that the account has been shoveled out to a DCA as I have had no other correspondence from Vodafone. Its ok, Its just another problem to fix.
  10. Really wish I had read the link you just posted before. nevermind I understand now. No did not give written notice, I had only phoned up Customer Services. Guess I have to ring them A.S.A.P will S.A.R them tomorrow.
  11. They aren't? Do u know why that is? Im not trying to get out of paying, I just think its rather alot of money and must be wrong. Guess i'll S.A.R them then, Hopefully that will help me work it out.
  12. Right, I need help. I am confused and am hoping someone can clear my question up. My vodafone contract bill for £307 has been sent to a DCA. I am disputing this because at the time I held 3 contracts with them 2 were due to end their 18month contract may just gone and one was 5months (approx) till the end of the 18month contract. I had CCA'd them (wescot who is the acting DCA) because I am thinkin that is a rather large amount of money to pay out when all 3 contracts were close to the end. anyway this morning i get a letter from wescot saying... we can confirm under the terms of the consumer credit (exempt agreements) order 1989, article 3 (1)(a)(ii) this account is not regulated by the consumer credit act and is enforceable. I dont understand? are they saying there is no credit agreement? and if so suerly there must be terms and conditions somewhere i can read to find out why the amount is so much? can anyone enlighten me? Thanks Lisa
  13. Just wanted to drop in and say everything is good where my brother is now he is a changed man. All happy and smiles. I have missed that. Thanks all again. I will keep u updated on the housing benefit too, he's sending in the forms tomorrow
  14. Thanks cat, it was hard, but he'll be ok now, maybe someone else will come accross this thread and take the good advice u have given
  15. just done entitled to and even more good news hes entitles to £29.86 housing benefit a week on a £75 a week room in a house share. i'll sort that out on monday
  16. hey guys, I got good news, I got my brother a room in a house share!!!!! he moved in tonight this is why I havent been here. Thanks for ll your help ans support and adivce too thanks u ALL SO MUCH I have been to the bank today and halifax are investigating fraud, so hopefully in 4 weeks he will have his money back the bank have refunded the charges to his account to so at least thats something. I will have a look now to see what he's entitled to by going thro the entitled to link, Thanks everyone
  17. 2'oclock gizmo, im going over there to help him as he cant read or write. only thing is its to see the housing manager that helped us so i know i wont be able to let him stay here an am sooooooooooo worried about him finding a place, what will happen if he cant get anywhere, I cant leave him on the street can i? ohh god i feel sick,
  18. the council nor any homeless charity are under any obligation to help him as he is working all be it thro the goverment and he is 20year old single male.
  19. honestly they have, I rung them this morning to see if they could help my brother, the lady on the fone is the lady that helped me and my family and without me saying a word about my circumstances she said. "under any circumstances do not have your brother stay in your house. so I cant. I just cant. I dontknow what to do now,
  20. Hi thanks well, its because he's been staying for a short period of time with me since november. and have been warned by the scheme i'm on not to have him here or I will lose my house so i have to listen. as u can see, I have had him in a 2 bedroom house there's me and hubby, my daughter and then my brother who was staying here perminantly intill 4 weeks ago when he had to leave because of the circs. I know what your suggestion is but as u can see I have had him here for too long and now the scheme im on are aware of my brother and could pop by at anytime.
  21. thanks for that, tho the foyer cant help brother has he needs to be reffered by torbay housing team which isnt gonna give him a bed for the night. im fast running out of options
  22. shelter were the guys that told us to fone project 58 and factory row, but they said the same, he is not a priority and there isnt much they can do I'll have a look at the foyer now thanks for that gizmo
  23. but on the other hand he has no money to go for the deposit of somewhere to stay. and that wouldn't be effective as of today would it? the problem still stands that he has nowhere to go tonight. Once he finds an address he can then claim housing benefit and they will award up to 50-60 a week, so that is a help. but gettin to that stage is difficult
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