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  1. This is my first post on the baords. The debt relates to a credit card from MBNA in 2005 which was branded as SonyCARD. Link financial tookover the debt in 2007. I received a summons in September and acknowledge receipt allowing the 28 days to reply. I CCAD Link financial and they provided copies of the Credit Agreement, but the terms are not on the signature part, and i do not recall if they were on the reverse. Also the date on the particulars of claim states it was entered into on ther 1/06/2005 whereas on the agreement it was signed by me on the 22/05/2005 and by MBNA on the 31/05/2005 Is it worth defending the claim or should I simply ask the court to set payments at an affordable level so that, Link Financial are not given a Charging order on the property. I'm gratefull for any comments in advance. The Images of the of the credit agreemnt are attached.
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