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  1. I give up my son will not be in touch. Just keep sending the bills and they will get paid and we will be rid of you. Whoopeee
  2. Correction. It was Lee who replied to me, not Lee who put the phone down on my son.
  3. Have heard from Vodafone. As expected they will not discuss anything with me want to speak to my son whom I cannot get hold of. Even though the phone number has been inactive for over a year and they can clearly see I have been paying off his arrears, they are worse than useless. I am so sorry that i am stuck with them but that will change when my contract is up! Vodafone are so unhelpful. All i want to do is pay off the last few months of his contract to get him free of them once and for all. They have been paid all this time for something that my son cannot use as the phone is broken and they refused to repair or replace it. That was 3 months into the contract. At over £30 a month they have had over £500 from a young man struggling to get by. Over £500 for nothing. They make me sick. In the past he has tried talking to them but they refuse to help. One call handler told him t o shut up and pay up and put the phone down on him. I give up. By the way that was Lee!
  4. Hi Yes I entered that number and also the heading of the thread. I then went on to state the full details together with my son's account number and the reference number to show that I paid the arrears. I can do no more They have not replied which I believe is par for the course from Vodafone. On the plus side I have not had another call from Capquest.
  5. Sorry who is lee?? Is that to do with the Vodafone message on your thread? If so I have emailed them but as expected no reply.
  6. Hi DX100Uk My son will be back but is out of communication at the moment. The debt was £122.81 and I think it was forr some months rental. Not sure exactly as vodafone will not say. Neither will they tell me how I can pay to end the contract which I believe is up in about June this year. My son took out a contract and the phone that came with the contract broke. Vodafone refused to repair it or replace it. He was wrongly advised by Carphonewarehouse that if he took out a contract with another provider then the contract with Vodafone would be cancelled!! When he realised this was not so he did his best to keep up the payments but got in difficulties these last few months. Vodafone have been unhelpful and rude thoughout all this. Sadly I have a contract too but am seriously considering buying myself out of it if this does not get resolved. Sorry rant over.
  7. Will do. I will then print off the tracking receipt for future proof if needed. Thanks for your help. Things don't seem so bad now.
  8. Thanks. I am not answeri g the phone at the moment and looking into changing the number. I have emailed them with the reference number given to me by Vodafone which was for the payment and I managed to hide my email address. As you suggest I shall send all letters back. I have also taken my sons name off the electoral role and 192.com, but that may take a while, Feel like I am going into hiding. From googling them they seem to be a nasty bunch.
  9. Hope someone can help. My son is not currently in the UK. I received a call from Capquest asking him to ring them. They of course refused to tell mewhat it was about and would not accept that he was not in the UK. I googled them and found out who they were. The same day a letter came from them for my son which I opened and found he had a debt to Vodafone. I therefore rang Vodafone and paid it. However Capquest keep ringing but I have not answered them at all. I know they have rung via call logs. I contacted Vodafone to ask them to inform Capquest that they had been paid as they had prom ised to do when I paid but they refuse to do so citing data protection etc. What can I do? I know it is no use talking to them as they too will cite data protection. If anyone could give me some advice I would be grateful as I am at my wits end and am terrified that they will send balliffs etc. Please help.
  10. Thanks. Yes it will. I still have to pay £40 for the share certificate but at least I can get something for the shares. So mad because I know they didn't send me a certificate but I cannot prove that just as they cannot prove they sent it. Oh well. this is better than nothing. Let's just hope the shares go up. LOL Funnily enough Equinitti told me that Barclays would not do this. !!!!
  11. Just been to Barclays Bank and they have agreed to sort out the indemnity form for £10. Equinitti are sending it to me. Bit of a difference to the £22.50 they were going to charge
  12. :mad2:Help please. I was a customer of the Woolwich and had shares in this company and hold a share certificate for them. It was then taken over by Barclays. I was informed by letter that i had 208 shares and have received tax vouchers for the 'interest' since then. HOWEVER I was never sent a share certificate. I recently tried to sell the shares and was told I had to send in the certificate by Equinitti. When I explained they had not sent me one they informed me that it was sent in 2002 however not recorded. I have never received it. Now they want £40 to issue a new one and I see on their website that they will charge a further £22.50 to get an indemnity signed. The shares are not worth much and I feel this is a rip off. When I told the person from Equinitti on the phone that I had not received the share certificate he stated 'Not my problem!' Is there any way around having to pay all these charges??
  13. I too am in dispute with LLoyds TSB and am getting the same reply as above. I was told to go on and complain to Visa but cannot find their details anyhere...address etc. Can anyone help?
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