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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm new to this so please bear with me. Basically we bought some Fitted Furniture and it was done on one of those 12 Month Interest Free Finance arrangements. We were told when we took out the agreement that they would write to us and remind us when the payments needed to start if we didn't pay off the full interest free balance. (I have checked the agreement and it clearly states this in it). But we didn't get the Reminder letter, and they started taking the D/Ds. So I wrote to Hitachi and did a SAR request as I believed they broke the agreement. They sent me a good reply and in it clearly state that the reminder letter isn't available (a copy that is). Does this mean they have breached the agreement? And it's now unenforceable? So I cancelled the D/d. They have since issued a cc claim. I have filed an acknowledgment of service indicating I intend to defend all of the claim. Can someone please direct me. Also If post up the agrement can someone see if there are any issues with it? Many thanks Guys!!
  2. Hi HungryForInfo.... Good question, just bad timing if you are planning on doing what I was. I bank with RBS, so I don't know if the rules are the same with all banks, but I recalled a load of D/Ds going back to when the D/D was set up - over two years ago last autumn. The reason I gave was there were disputes on the invoice amounts. Refund passed NO PROBLEM and money was back in my account within a few days. Great I thought. So last week I went into my bank and tried to recall a load of D/Ds again in relation to a lease agreement I have for a CCTV and EPOS System. There is a huge dispute on the account because the goosd supplied are not working or doing what they should be. I told my bank basically that. I left it with the lady to sort it out. BUT she rang me and told me that the rules for refunding D/Ds had changed in 2009! and NOW they can only process a refund IF there is a discrepancy with the dates or amounts being taken - or of course if a payment had been made when the D/D had been cancelled. The request also requires written evidence etc. So it appears things have changed! unless of course they are telling porkies....I'd like to know for sure though, as i REECKON IT'S NOT RIGHT! as I have been conned.
  3. Hi Folks.... Absolutely fabulous forum here, but I am struggling to clarify one thing and could do with a bit of help please? I have sent out a load of SAR requests, and I thought that the credit card companies etc were supposed to stop any further action until they had complied with my request. As nothing seems to have happened yet (ie I sent them out over a week ago, and I still get loads of phone calls and letters etc (some of the letters are getting nastier and nastier) so I have concluded that the SAR request mustn't stop things 'in the process'. Any comments please???
  4. Hi Guys.. Has anyone had any joy with claiming or challenging Abbey for the charges they apply for Mortgage late Payment Fees and Failed D/D charges, and Arrears fees. They are costing me a fortune each month. Even thought am now making my mortgage payments they still charge me arrears fees every month etc. All help appreciated folks..
  5. Thanx Martin.. Nice one. I'd be interested to learn of any other that have had joy with ERCs in particular with RBS? Cheers
  6. Hi Shaun... Did you get anywhere with RBS?
  7. Are these charges under the same umberella as the normal Bank Charges? I would have thought like the Credit Card Charges they are not included in the Cases for Bank charges? Advice please?
  8. How would I go about caliming the late fees and returned D/D charges on my mortgage a/c. It's with Abbey. Thanx for any help on this one.
  9. I have had very same problem. Tell 'em to show you the pre delivery inspection report so you can compare. There wasn't one was there! Tell 'em to take you to court and you'll settle there. I've been asking BCT to take me to court for 3 yrs nothing at all. when they ring (and they do) i ask have you got the date yet? and just repeat myself. They comeout with all sorts of hot air threats ..bankruptcy, attachment to earnings etc....tell em 'have you got the court date yet?' nothing will comeof it. It's a big con! don't worry and don't pay em a penny! stick to your guns. Paul
  10. I worte to Lloyds TSB asking for details of all the charges I hav paid over the last 6 yrs. When they replied I thought that can't be right it's only a few hundred quid! I knew it was a lot more. So I wrote back with a fierce letter saying I thought they were hoding back and if they didn't come clean I would go to the Information Commissioner for remedy. They then sent me back 6 yrs statements...and guess what!!! they had held back loads. My claim is 4 x what it would have been if I had accepted their original offerings! swines! Worth double checking or what!!! Good Luck comrades..
  11. Hi folks...beware of BCT and the RAC Inspection [problem]! they got the RAC to inspect a car I was giving back half wwy through the hP Agreement. The RAC said it needed £1600 worth of work doing. In fact the car was in same nick as when I got it. Told 'em to get lost...they're still chasing me after 3 yrs. When they ring I ask them for a court date so we can settle in court. nothing ever happends.. my argument is the RAC never inspected it when I bought it. stand by your gund and keep hold of yur cash!
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