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  1. Hi I have just received another Barclays statement from 10th March to 11th of April 2007. which include 3 * £30 Paid Referal charges. Thus I am adding to the simple-spread-sheet Do I have to add the number of days or can I just add DDMMYY in the "Days since offense" fields to Calculate the 8% interest when I eventually proceed with court action and include the s69 interest charges.
  2. Hi How did you get on and did you proceed with MCOL or N1 .
  3. Excellent - I have checked and it was delivered today. Cheers. I will leave you all alone until I get Barcalys Reply/Response letter/Phone Call.
  4. Excellent - Sorry for my petulance thanks for confirmation and will re read and check before getting ahead of myself. Will monitor the forum and let you all know in 12 days time. By the way is it worth telephoning Barclays to check that they have a received my recored Prelim/Statements or just be cool and patient and wait for their response/reply by post.
  5. Hi I have sorted it it's Days since the offense Is it still ok to add the DDMMYYY as in Date Incurred. Or I have I got to some Math.
  6. Hi Please confirm what you put in the 4th column of the simple spread sheet As just added the date when the charge occured So mine is in DDMMYYYY format is your in days.
  7. Thk for the confirmation - I have sent Prelim Letter and Spread sheet with Data Protection required statements. Please can someone confirm the likely issue here My statements where of course for 6 years from 31/07/000 upto 28/09/06 Since then I have still occurred charges from November 2006 to April 2007 whi h are £90 per month which I have also included as the 6 months at the start of the 6 year statements I was only charged a £35 for Unpaid Cheque on 31/07/2000. So I don't mind starting six months after 31/07/2000 would this be OK. As I am getting hit £90 per period month.
  8. ooops Sorry folks I got it LBA - Letter before Action.
  9. Hi Barclays "Patients/Customers" I All just about to pop to Post Office and Thus read a few threads. Do I send the Prelim letter with spread sheet or just the Prelim Letter. Thus what is the LBA. Thx
  10. Hi Barclays "Patients/Customers" I have finalized my spreadsheet got one with interest occurred and the other which I am sending today recorded post. Let you all know Soon.
  11. Hi again I have read all thoe notes on this site and thisismoney.com and I want to clarify the that I know how much I am claiming using my statements and I want to send a preliminary letter with my charges. Do I have to add the spread sheet with dates etc etc or can I just send the letter at this stage. As I would like to get this off today and I will knock up the dats/charges to spread sheet over the week end. Cheers
  12. Excellent I have both spreadsheets and printed out the procedures which I will learn religiously. I also have similar details from thisismoney website So I just hope the reclaim letter without the detailed charges is significant for now. I assume that the detailed letter with the spreadsheet is after my preliminary letter with the total over charge sum and bank interest thus later add the 8%. Cheers:lol:
  13. Hi Forum I am just crossing the i's and t's I am just checking the interst Barclays charged. I have totaled up the Paid Referal and Unathorised Overdraft and Mine comes upto £3000 pound. What is this plus interest and costs. I assume whenI send my refund charges letter with the total of charges and interest charges I add 8 to 9% on top plus costs. Please confirm Ta.
  14. Hi Forum I requested via the data protection @ September 2006 and I did get all the statements within 2/3 weeks. There upto and including Nov 06 to Mar 07 So I will possible pay £5 for any missing. Thus I sat on it for a while as I was worried about the Banl withdrawing my present overdraft. I have seen posts and heard that when the Bank gets tuff it will notify you to arrange alternative Bank service and give you about 2 to 3 months. Thus I have started to total up my charges. I have paid referal charges and they are well over £2500 and I got one more folder of statements to go through. I haven't included the interest charged for now But is it worth adding as well. By the way I am going to send my letter next Monday and I am sorting out how and if's to change Banks when requested. Any advice please post your suggestions. Cheers
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