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  1. Yep They have filed a defense thus in 28 days I assume I get a letter for my day in court hence when do I start negotiation's.
  2. Yesterday was judgment day for Bs 22nd of June Thus whats the best course of action Do I send the Request for Judgment off on Monday Morning recorded delivery.
  3. Judgment Day 2 day Bs are supposed to enter a defense So I expect a bit of paper work this weekend then. When Do I send for a Request for Judgement.
  4. Me 2 dino replied 2 my email and says the guy dealing with my case is Paul Quinn. I will leave it until weekend as my Judgment is Friday 22nd of June.
  5. arrrh gd idea I will take that on board I got the s69 bit slightly wrong and got 2 more mths of charges sounds a better idea. Thx
  6. Ta Trucker me download the n244 form ta my friend Bs got until 22nd of June to enter a defence I assume that they will after the golden hr thus I assume that i enter a ns44 form then when I submit my court bundle.
  7. Excellent - Where do I obtain the N244 form to prepare to amend the particulars of my claim when the time arises.
  8. I had a email reply from Dino at Bs and Paul Quinn is dealing with with my claim So I will wait patiently for his reply. Cheers
  9. bennyowen that was done when I served the court proceedings. Also I have another month of charges and of course the s.69 interest So I assume when I eventually get a court date and a mass my court bundle (week or so before) I can submit a new SOC in relation to my charges updates. Thanks.
  10. Update at last. I have received Notice of Issue. My Claim was issued on May 31st it is deemed served on 8th of June and Bs have until 22nd of June to reply. Now I know that Bs wait until the last minute But at this time can I telephone Bs Litigation team for a satisfied settlement.
  11. Arrrrh I just read the threads for Cardiff Small Claims - August 2007 or 2008. Thanks for the update Caggings. I was expecting in a week or so get date > bundle > court > job done.
  12. Can I check with the courts whats the likely duration before I get a date. As it's been a week now.
  13. Hi dar£n thanks for confirmation to date I still haven't been issued a court date So let you all know when I do.
  14. Hi I believe this is the Bs 2007 T&C's please verify as I have requested this from Bs. http://www.personal.barclays.co.uk/BRC1/jsp/brcucontrol?task=file&site=pfs&fileName=/PFS/A/Content/Files/9904463_cropped.pdf
  15. All the best CAGGING time does fly So prepare, prepare and prepare I tend to read other threads as it helps digest whats going on. I'm watching yr thread.
  16. Hi Caggings I have been blessed as a good cagging has zip up and sent me Jan03 to Dec03 Bs T&C's so if any one has 2000, 2004,2005 to 2006 great I have telephoned Bs for the current Terms and Conditions.
  17. I'd love a copy of T&Cs covering 2000 - 2006 please. Maybe you could PM me with PDFs attached. I hope you can do that using CAG mail. I will also telephone Bs but I will more than likely get the current T&C's . Thx
  18. Nice one I am nearly there I am waiting a court date thus will telephone after a few days to nudge I will be completely honest with you I am looking and @£4200 and I was offered £2600 after I gad sent the LBA ( rejected) I will negotiate and I mean negotiate for something in the region of £4000 I under stand that this falls short But every one is different and have circumstances that are particular your own and Families needs. So a fiver here or there aint guuna be a great loss except pride. I am looking for closure and not ever get myself in this situation again. This is my views and views only All the best in your claim.
  19. Hi where are now with this case and have you been speaking to Bs Litigation team in regards to a settlement.
  20. Where are you with this claim now. Thx
  21. Please can some one elaborate on this!. As a lot of ppl have taken the steps to reject the GOGW and proceed if it's against the law what has changed I have read a number of threads and it's clear that customers are getting worried including me!. Rejected £2600 as I am owed in charges £4200 So please adivse as this post may be some what old given the join date.
  22. Interesting thread. Is there an update in relation to the telephone call to Bs.
  23. Hi Excellent little thread and Dar£n good quote which I have printed off ready for that court date > wait a week and thus telephone litigation team and follow your quote procedure. Cheers
  24. Hi CAG all done served court proceedings in my local small claims court as per my schedule.
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