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  1. Would you believe it, my friend received a letter from UK Border Agency. "Unfortunately a refund would not be appropriate when you choose to make a premium application you pay for consideration of the application and there is no guarantee a final decision will be made on the day" There is a guidance information on the UKBA website that apparently makes it clear, thanks anyway...
  2. Hello Folks, I would like guidance and how I can help a work colleague, who is out of pocket by £750. My colleague applied for same day service “POE” premium service, for a Visa extension, but due to the unavailability of the UK BA IT system, they were unable to progress the application on the same day and actually took about 4 weeks to process. This is a similar time-frame as if he and his wife applied for the normal postal application service. The fee is £1000 for UK BA postal service The premier service is £1500 The difference between the premier service and the postal one is £750 for both of them. Understandably, my colleague called the UK BA customer service about this, who advised my colleague that because his application was not processed the same day (“POE” premium service) that he can claim the difference back and that this could be done via post. My colleague has sent a letter explaining the above and asking for the appropriate refund, as instructed by the UK BA customer service, however, nobody has responded to this after approximately 3 weeks (not even a courtesy note advising it is being investigated). My colleague has researched this and has spoken to others in a same predicament AND circumstances, who are also awaiting responses. Please could anyone advise on how my colleague can pursue his refund and where does he stand on this as it seems a clear failure to provide the services paid for. Regards,
  3. Great stuff, funny how good news is infectious and has put a smile on my face this morning.
  4. Update from Barclays Bank, who claim they can not locate my policy (dates back to 1997), but I attached from a SAR the Bank Statement from 1997 indicating bank account, date, policy number and PPI. So I have since sent this to the FOS. I have also sent a mppi Intelligent Finance to fos which is awaiting a reject or upheld verdict to date I had 4 x success to date. Fingers x.
  5. Excellent, Thanks for your reply which I will use as a template. I will update this thread as my wife has confirmed their is a letter from the company at home, which I will open when I return from working away tomorrow.
  6. A few day before Christmas I purchased a pair of fashionable fire-trap boots. I of course tried the pair boots in the shop, right boot only, was very impressed and delighted with the style, so hence bought them. I decide to try the boots on, and when I tried the left boot, to my horror and pain the left boot contained a 1/4 inch nail in the heal of the boot. I suffered penetration, bruising and soreness which lasted for a few days if and when I walked around the house is my slippers or bare feet. Due to no idea on where the nail has been, I decide to seek treatment from my local doctors surgery the next morning who gave me a tetanus injection and told that it would be fine in a few days. The nail is not an alien object it seems it was part of fixing the heal to the boot. I then telephoned the Store and spoke to the Manager, who told me to call into the store the next day to fill in some forms. When I arrived at the store who for now WILL remain ominousness, the store manager took over several minutes to attend to me, when he finally did was amused and confused but did not ask how I was and I am alright. Then offered to replace the boots, Yep replace, no explaination, no form filling nothing, so I promptly asked for his Head Office Customers Services details. I have since telephoned the company who have stated that a letter regarding my complaint has been sent. I have receipt, photographs of my injury and the boots which I sent them a copy and stated, I can send the originals on request. I would like to know where I stand (Trading Standards and Health & Safety) on this matter as I am extremely disappointed on how I have been dealt with and seek a satisfactory conclusion to my complaint and the fact I have a defected goods.
  7. Sorry I forgot to confirm that I have received 2/5 PPI complaints from Barclays Bank and they have debited to my account last week. I have still a few more pending and still aggressively keeping a handle on my PPI complaints. I will also be contributing to this site, preferable by cheque. Thanks CAG
  8. Hello Folks, I just received a reply from MBNA regarding my PPI possible payments and requestd a SAR which I have now recieved. They ddint actully comment on my PPI payments, But I came accross this when digesting the correspondence. I would like to know what does this constitute "Unable to provide a copy of your credit agreement" . Also the fact they didnt mention if I have or not paid any ppi on my credit card account. I have since sent another letter to confirm ppi specifically. Nevertheless can someone give me the heads up. Thanks.
  9. Somewhere on CAG Online PPI is mentioned and some tips on what you can do, I did come across this Url below http://www.lawontheweb.co.uk/Missold_PPI_Claims/What_is_PPI_Misselling Nevertheless I assume someone with answer your concerns pretty much soon. If I come across the thread about applying online for a loan and ticking (pre-ticked possible) the PPI box, I will add it here.
  10. I enjoy when all I have to do now is watch the clock go tick tock and keep an eye on the door mat. I have 4 x Barclays complaints that have been upheld'ed and will be expecting the "Letter of Acceptance" shortly before Nov 7th 2011, so keep it up it is worth it in the end. Sent another complaint to MBNA and BarclayCard complaint in motion and is still being investigated but have enough info (fos got complaint too) to be concluded by 3/11/2011. I am ofc looking forward to Xmas for once.
  11. Hi, FYI I had a an old Alliance & Leicester Credit Card and the Santander took over the Company and I had very little to go with. Santander settled within the week. Fortunately for me Santander are my main Bank where my salary gets paid into so when I returned the Letter of Acceptance, the monies was in my account the next day. Thats how Banks should perform like - comprehend Barclays.
  12. I have a claim with Barclaycard and its goes back to 1997/8. They are continuing there investigations, but need to locate my policy but I did have a DPA copy of a statement to work alongside. It does not matter how long but they did state that 10 Year rule is possible, as a defence, but anyway I am still waiting on Barclaycard next response . FOS where sent s copy of the correspondence.
  13. Thanks for your help. I will wait a week and follow the Barclaycard up verbally and state that I am basing the timeline from 23rd of August as they have same team using the same telephone number. It is not rocket science and if an issue I don't really mind FOS taking over as I have 4 other Barclays PPI complaints, which have been uphelded and I am waiting for their letter of explanation of redress with interest added ofc.. So on letter box alert as I am half way through week 7. hehe
  14. Just to recap, Yes I did send via recorded post on August 23rd 2011 and I did get an initial letter stating they will not upheld my PPI complaint (within 2 weeks) as they couldn't locate my policy, but I had a Dec/Nov 1997/8 Bank Statement via DPA with date, amount and ppi premium paid, It can't be hard work out with the reference number along side it as well. I made up the amount £2.5k as I can not recall what the loan was for or total amount or duration of the loan. I cc'd FOS and stated that if they have any more issues I will ask FOS to work it out. to date no reply and last communications was Monday 26th of September. Cheers
  15. Excellent, from reading your thread it hadn't occurred to me to check my current 3 Credit Cards I am paying to the day I met my maker. So it begins round 1, Credit Cards, Loans have are already in motion. look forward to your updates..
  16. I telephoned Barclays with the telephone number provided on the letter, as apparently this is the ONLY number for Barclays and Barclaycard. They said even though they have diverted the PPI complaint to Barclaycard they have not got an update. So I have 4 x PPI complaints with Barclays awaiting "Letter of Acceptance" 12 weeks deadline, and one PPI complaint with Barclaycard who to date have not replied to my letter regarding they cant locate my policy. I assume this to remain within a 12 week deadline for D-Day. This is week 7, and I am striking them weeks off as I type, using the other hand ofc.
  17. Thanks for your heads up, The funny thing is that they sent me the Bank Statement copy with the details. They are claiming they can't locate or find my policy. As you have said, I have sent the Bank statement copy to Barclays and FOS, and said work it out, as it cant be that hard such as £2.5k over a few years. Cheers.
  18. Hi Folks, I have just received one of five PPI complaints back from Barclays along with Bank Statement for that particular loan I took showing my Barclayloan £49.92 and PPI payments of £9.61. Apparently they have been unable to locate a policy in the my name and account ref xxxx xxxxx As a result my complaint has not been upheld? BarclayCard have sent me a statement, is the fact the PPI compliant references a loan taken out in 1997/8 got to do with it. such as, they don't hold my policy records any more.. BUT they sent me a statement huh. Please advise as I am about to send them a follow up letter with my findings. I have searched around and "How far back can I claim" Is not an issue. As long as I have a reference account/loan number, loan payment and ppi premium charge, BarclayCard can easily work the figure out, or fos can on their behalf. Update:: Made a telephone call to Barclays. Barclays said they cant find my policy because it's more than 10 years old. Also I need to provide more info (What more do they need?) But they sent a Bank statement referring to that loan with enough details such as, Branch, Loan amount, PPI premium and year 1997/98 date etc etc to suggest it wouldn't be hard to work out the length of the loan. I have sent a follow up letter already stating I believe the loan amount was for £2.5k and that I will cc FOS as they can work it for me on BarclayCard behalf. Good news 4 other PPI complaints have been upheld and they are aggregating them into one Payment. Oh yeah... plus I am sure there is a £5k, £2.5k and £1k loans that I took out. Cheers
  19. Hi all, I have had £1.481.00 (this process took a week) transferred into my Satander Account after sending a PPI compliant letter regarding Alliance & Leicester loan taken out in 2003 (A&L where absorbed into Santander) I have 5 more PPI complaints in motion with Barclays and one with Barclaycard. I received an update lettter/s stating that I should get a conclusion within 12 weeks from date I sent the forms. Great news and I am counting down the weeks.
  20. Excellent thanks for the reply.. yeah point taken regarding pay? (Spies every where). I wonder why? this type of work ethic persists and basically one has to make a case while working at the said Companies. Problem is that you haven't really got a leg to stand on as from day one they emphasis that you are temporary staff until you pass your probation and that probation period can be extend as and when for a variety of reasons. Example there where ex-colleagues who where on probation contracts 1 year +. They told me that once you where given a full contract your where entitled to sick leave so majority like myself where on temp contracts 3 late instances and bye bye.. I did mention it (the login/boot/apps for 10-20 mins) and was told to get on with don't like it jog on?. You should read the contract you got to sign lol... 100% expected in all your stats. Anyway I have digested your reply and I am wiser and can put this baby to bed. "Thread sighs a relief". If and when the CAG toolbar is sorted will download/add-on to Firfox browser I may even donate next pay day as this site is excellent...resource. Sorry for the poor English.. to much texting I gather. Regards..
  21. Hi thanks for your reply I gather there is a legal form I can fill out such as small claims court to explain the time required was unreasonable, I am going to send a letter requesting ALL details they hold on me I assume that all Logins into the Building and Pc's is a Health & Safety requirement as we used swipe cards to enter the Premises and login into the Pc in order to start the cold boot process this involves user name and password and then load applications "It's the Applications that took forever and a day to load " . So I may have not have made myself clear. Logon "user name & password" not an issue its was waiting for the numerous applications that where required to be ready to logon onto your turret/phone to start the shift. Regards
  22. Thanks for your reply. Yes I am bitter as I am a professional in my chossen field and I was a casuality of the recession so had to take a low paid job at Conduit while trying to keep a roof over my family's head and the wolves from the door and keep up my studying which I glad I did. As the regime makes it very hard to look for alternative jobs or do evening college courses to better yourself so I am glad to get out of that environment. The reason I am bitter and maybe a bit twistted is that for a low paid job had to run through hoops and hurdle, sometimes hop skip and jump all at the same time "honestly", in order to get to work ontime and time being, in order to loging and start the mundane process of booting their pc's in order to have them ready to login into turret/phone and having to start 10-20 minutes and many a time past my shift I feel was unreasonable expectation. Regards I take your comments and put this to bed.
  23. A lot of people work in a Call Centre environment and are instructed to start work alot earlier than when their actual shift starts. Is this against people who are paid a wage. I felt when I was working for Conduit UK. that they where abusing their position. So I am looking to get verification on this as I would like to make a claim for those hours I worked unpaid and hope to bring this issue to the forefront and I would hope this would help others who are in those circumstances to be able to make their claims if this is against any employment laws.. If this discussion is not going to go anywhere or people who do know don't want to help then the higher's that be close and stop the thread. I have seen many threads regarding "Bank Charges" which the Original Posters where upset and the content very similar. I asked very sincerly for links or information where I can research the thread and make my own conclusion's if this is grey area. This is not a crusade its a search for the truth on How and Why some Call Centre's can behave and get away with what I see as an injustice if it ok then so be it... At least people who are looking for a low paid/job gap position understand what they can expect. Regards
  24. Hi I am currently looking into how Call Centre's in particularly Conduit can instruct, advise or coerse the staff to turn up to work earllier and on average 10 to 20 minutes to walk into their Building use your swipe card, find a spare bay then seat if you are fortunate and log/start/boot their pc's. Which as many know YOU DO NOT GET PAID for these tasks. I have been reading threads and articles but they are in general lead towards the United States what about the United Kingdom of or fact Euro Zone as a German Police officer won his case which maybe of help.. http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CBoQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.guardian.co.uk%2Fworld%2F2010%2Fjul%2F14%2Fgerman-police-officer-pay-uniform&ei=ZVOGTLmrOMmD4AaLyZHSBA&usg=AFQjCNGcqP0zuWY4Xpju-W3ZYYJhe8bcaw I am not an expert or have legal background, but trying to exstablish is this fair I will try my best to find out answers as "Many a Call Centre Agent Know" where I am coming from... I did it for 3 months I did challenge people at Conduit (buried their heads syndrome coz Im allright) but it was seen as the norm and with all the "YOU must do this and that or you won't be eligable for a contract as most are on temporary contracts yep many" does not really help you if you say to your Team Leader the following below: Guess what I am staring at 9am boss so please can you ensure Conduit pc's is ready to spring to life when I accept calls,. So I will do my best papasmurf1cx.
  25. Uhhh what the hell are you on about "arrogant". I asked questions for answers not the other way round?. So basically you are asking 3 questions which I believe DO not warrant a reply (The informtion to a Conduit Represntative would not be hard to see what ex employee is seeking guidance" as It does not matter what I was on as it was an hourly rate NOT salary period. I have worked "un-paid" whether is was £5.25 and hour, £6.25 or £7.25 an hour sorry for latter, way to much for an Agent to be earning after a 40hr + shift I do apologise. Regarding time spent and when I left agian does not matter. There is either a yes or a no and I again will mention that the Slave Trade is not copy righted YOU do not no know me as I dont know you and a high probability not on my Face book or Linkedin either thank god please can YOU move on... If you do not no the answer no problem, there will be others that will.. Like I said is there any people out there who have been working in this culture where Call Centres instruct you to start their pc's (cold boot) to get them ready for you to actually commence your shift then you have to log into the turret/phone to start work and then get paid... Is this an injustice and an abuse of power, I am now working in my desired field and I am happy as larry BUT I am thinking of all those who I worked with and those that have since left who I am still touch with funny how they don't seam to share "seftonview" thoughts..
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