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  1. Well, I really am "dim witted!" Been through my files today, to see what else I had relating to this old account. I have discovered copies of letters I sent to both original catalogue, Fashion World, & Reliable Collections, who were the DC at that time; requesting credit agreement, statement of account & deed of assignment. The catalogue replied in Feb 2009, stating date account was opened (1991). They state that there is no requirement for a "true copy of agreement" bearing my signature, but they have included a copy of the agreement, which they completed and sent to me when
  2. Thanks for the reply Andy. I've had a good look at other threads, but most have been sensible enough to send away for relevant documents to give leverage for defence. Afraid, I only have a few of the original statements, & letter informing me of sale to Lowell Portfolio. I have made no requests at all for further information! As final day is tomorrow, I haven't a clue as to how I could submit anything. If anyone has any suggestions, or can help me draft some form of acceptable defence, i would definately appreciate it.
  3. Could do with some URGENT advice please. I received a court claim from Lowell's in January, & completed acknowledgement of service as requested. At the time, I stated that I would defend in full. Deadline being tomorrow 28th Feb. Unfortunately, family bereavement & my own health (which tend to affect concentration & memory) have led to me lose track of time-scale, & unable to prepare any defence. This claim is for an amount outstanding from 2008 on an old catalogue. From the paperwork in my possession, I last made a payment in Sept 2008, with a balance of £333.49.
  4. Hubby made an agreement with Cabot via court to pay debt by £40 per month. Payments made regularly via direct debit over past 3yrs. Just before Christmas, he was plagued by letters & phone calls, telling him that he needed to submit another income/expenditure form so that a new payment plan could be implimented. This added further £5. This week, there have been at least 3 phone calls a day from cabot asking for hubby (who has been at work). Today, when I answered phone, it was a different company called Fire Ltd. I note from CAG, that they are linked with Cabot. They are obviousl
  5. Thanks HH. I noticed the letter I received didn't even have a signature attatched. Will be interesting to see how all this pans out!
  6. Received letter from HL on Saturday, which reads: We write in relation to the above claim. In order to assist you with your defence please find enclosed all the relevant documentation in relation to the above account as previously requested. Eigma SPV1 Limited is prepared not to persue the Claim and to allow the Claim to e stayed subject to you entering into a repayment plan on the Original Agreement: ------------- within 14 days of the date of this letter. Please contact us on 01527 586599 to discuss your repayment proposal, alternatively we will pursue the above Claim.
  7. Thanks very much Andy - that's reassuring.
  8. Got a letter from HL yesterday dated 8th August. Reads as folows:- We are disappointed that you have not replied to the claim for issued against you recently via the Northampton County Court. We are now at liberty to enter default judgement against you for the full amount claimed together with interest to date of judgment and costs. In the event that judgment is obtained details will be entered in a public register, the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines, where they will be held for 6 years. They wil also be passed to credit reference agencies, who will supply them to credit grantor
  9. Thanks for advice SD. Having to send an updated email as suggested. Will get it right this time hopefully!!
  10. Thanks guys. Oops I did miss statement of truth at the end! So how do you go about cancelling an email you've already sent? Never had to do that before. Sorry if I sound really dim!!
  11. PANIC has spurred me on! Decided it was best to check out FAQ on MCOL website, and discovered that I could email the defence, which I have now done. Did add a little note to say that HL had not acknowledged request for info. Wondering if I should send copy by registered post as back-up, or if this should suffice?
  12. Right, if I'm having to post this via snail mail, there's a couple of questions please. 1) Is it best to write by hand on the form sent in pack, or can I type it up & attatch? 2) Also, is it ok to use the defence used by some of the others on this forum (all appear to have identical poc - just that mine was with M&S)? 3) In my letter to HL, I informed them of my intention to go ahead with defence, & to make court aware of their non-compliance. Would this be added onto defence, or a note added seperately to the court?
  13. Oh Goodness hh, if that's the case, I'm right on the wire, as it's due 11th August!
  14. Thanks SD. Going to get letter sorted & then worry about log in & defence on Monday. Have tried 4 times to phone without success! Can't cope with more than 1 thing at a time
  15. Could someone tell me if this is ok, or if I need to alter it? On the 18th July I wrote to you,confirming acknowledgement of service to the court. I also made a request under CPR 31.14 forthe disclosure and production of documents mentioned in your Particulars ofClaim. Part 18 Request for furtherinformation, was sent separately, and both were received by your office on 19thJuly 2012. Up to this time, I have not received eitherdocumentation, or any indication that this information will be forthcoming. Ican only assume that you are not in possession of these details and ther
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