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  1. I have moved into my new house in may 2007, I contacted Britsh gas with all my details including bank details. I then received a letter confirming all my details including direct debit details along with the amount which they would deduct each month. I checked the following month and guess what no money was taken out so again I called them and they apologised and confirmed it would be the following month the direct debit would start. I had another letter confriming all the details, happy days. Unknown to me 6 weeks ago I get a bill from BG asking for £1,600???? They had not been tak
  2. HELP!!!! RBS have refunded me £1,800 for unfair bank charges, but i forgot to get them to remove my default? How do I go about it?
  3. Thanks for your reply. One other thing I can't seem to find any template letters to send to Cabot regarding CCA? You couldn't possibly send me a link? Cheers Emily
  4. Here goes.........the story starts with HSBC bank.......i had a loan with them over 6yrs ago and defaulted in 1999....the debt was then past onto Cabot financial.....I have been paying cabot since 1999, but have looked at old correspdance to find one month they enforced £600 interest on my account...... What do I do next to obtain my statements? I have written to HSBC who say the account was bought my Cabot finanical who say they do not have copies of any statements!!!! please help Emily
  5. RBS have refunded me £1,800 unfair bank charges. I also defaulted on this account and now have no idea how to remove the default from my credit file? Does anyone have any ideas? Have looked in other sections but i'm all confused, is there step by step guide?
  6. HSBC account over 6 yrs and have defaulted on the account. Sent data protection letter on the 20h November to the head office in London. It was receivced and signed for on the 22nd November, I still have not received any communication from HSBC. Do I give the head office a call? Has anyone got a number for them? Emily
  7. Hi there I am at the same stage as you with your claim. Sent my LBA 17th November still had no reply from Lloyds Tsb. Phoned Lloyds Tsb today to inform me they can't track my letter. Will be filing MCOL asap. Emily
  8. Just sent SAR to First direct- recorded delivery- will keep you posted Emily
  9. Can anyone help me please????? Had a credit card with the MBNA in 1998 and since i have defaulted, Wescot services are dealing with this account. However, I am just about to send a letter to MBNA regarding my credit card statements, which go back to 1998, does anyone know if MBNA will send me statments that far back????
  10. Hi there can anyone help me please. I did have a MBNA credit card which i opened in 1998. I have defaulted and Wescot Credit services are dealing with the account. Can i write direct to MBNA nad ask for statments older then 6yrs?
  11. cheers thanks for that. RBOS- settled £1,800
  12. Just starting my Data Protection Act letter does anyone have contact details for MBNA:)
  13. Just starting my DPA letter does anyone have contact details for MBNA:)
  14. Reclaiming £2,800 bank charges. Sent letter to Tommy Mclean on 15th Sept to reclaim bank charges, had a response on the 29th Sept......not interested will not be refunding. Sent Letter before action on the 29th Sept and had reply on the 12th oct offer of £1,800. Have accepted this as a have a outstanding loan which has defaulted of £900. Now I am going to claim MBNA, abbey and HSBC
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