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  1. oh no i hate figures! but thanx for the tip may take me forever to do but managed to sort my bank charges through cag so here goes x thanx for tip dj
  2. dj1971 thankyou i will do that i was charged a hell of a lot in ppi which has interest also i believe its in excess of around 8,000 quid! my loan was large and my ex was expected to pay some on an arrangement but has failed so we are now in big debt on a secured loan.
  3. i want tostart a ppi claim against black horse can i find template letters here? thankyu
  4. thanx all ,wot a dilemma tempted 2 sail 2 the sun (lol) think will ring bank tomorow and quibble a bit for the interest afterall im doin them a favour 4 not claimimg full amount. would i have to go to court for the full amount? how stressful is it and wots the next step if i say 2 them im going 4 the lot
  5. at last found how to open new thread ! just phoned court last week and entered judgement against natwest and received and offer yesterday of 3,334 when originally requested 4000 not including the interest not sure wot 2 do next any help appreciated tho tempted to take the offer as it stands as always they dont admit liability or error but is a gesture of goodwill they say the robbin ****
  6. just 2 catch up entered judgement against natwest last wekk and recieved my only correspondence this moening offering me 3,313.83 i claimed 4000 altho should hav been slightly more but got mixed up on the spreadsheet charges sheet and couldnt add anymore! not sure whether 2 jus accept offer or try 4 full amount, this they state is a gesture of goodwill and without liability or error! the robbing **** any replies welcome just shows there still holding out to the last but so r we
  7. just a note to stevepm i mhavent heard from natwest yet not a thing sent incourt letter a month ago wot do i do now di
  8. hi jus wanted 2 ask 4 a few tips on gathering the court bundle together i know i need statements, and stuff (still not heard a dicky bird its bn over a week since i started court) gettin bit shaky will they pay or not who knows will i end up in court?
  9. thanx 4 that ppman just havin a wobbly day will do as u say onwards an upwards keeo u informed
  10. hi wondered if i could use ur experience? i have sent all said letters to natwest with no reply have used registered post. now have started court proceedings this monday 30th april why have i had no reply what so ever also im thinking of getting a company to see to court thing as i havent a clue really or the time can u recommend anyone thanx dilud 23
  11. has anyone had any success with claims from natwest i have sent all letters up to last stage and am now beginning court proceedings and still they havent written or acknowledged my claim
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