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  1. When oh when are we finally going to see corrupt bankers properly jailed? Can we vote on that point and trust democratic mandate to get 'em all banged up?
  2. Most definitely I would be logging 'everything' in date order regarding the FOS blunders along the way. I have been doing this for several years and had manifold wins regarding FOS compensation, which now goes into 4 figures. They made numerous erroneous decisions along the way and I marked all their unprofessional errors. The last was a complaint against an insurance company. The original FOS adjudicator was so thick that he said that it was not even PPI – he was dead wrong and I proved it. So later I not only won nearly 2 grand in PPI redress but also gained 2 amounts of comp off FOS totally 450 quid. That was just ONE case. I have lots of others like this. FOS like to show a hardliner front at times, yet if one bothers to dissect that they are doing and the blunders made they frequently back down like little cowards.... Take it all the way to the Independent Assessor (who kicks in after they have run out of excuses to help you) if you have to. I would like to one day present a write up on this lot, but I am a professionally writer and currently working silly hours on several books so I just do not have the time. Good luck! ;-)
  3. I finally received the cheque today for the damage, so a win at last....phew...!!!
  4. I finally got word that they are about to send us a cheque. This has been a long-winded battle and much apathy. Threatening them with FSA seemed to help a lot...
  5. I received more compensation recently as one adjudicator had said the PPI being claimed was not PPI - he was wrong and when I proved it they said sorry and coughed up...;-)
  6. Yes, basically speaking going to FOS can be a total waste of time for the desperate consumer. If you are trying to get them to agree that the scribble on an illegible sheet of Dark Age parchment that does NOT hold you name on an is an unlawful agreement under UK law then forget it. They will say tough luck – pay up mate and back the corrupt banking system every time. However, they can and do make enormous errors and I have taken a great deal back in compensation from them for their arrogant blunders. One of the most recent was when a cocky adjudicator stated firmly that I should go away as the PPI I was rightly claiming from a reluctant bank was in fact not PPI at all. I hit him with several, less than pleasant letters, and he sent the complaint off for review. His team gaffer agreed with me, clipped him behind the ear-hole and awarded me with 200 quid comp. I have complained many times against pathetic adjudicator opinions and won a great deal of compensation. I have also moaned about the length of time it has taken them to deal with complaints and won comp for this also. And they have no right to phone you if you request otherwise. So tell them not to. I won comp for this also after unwanted calling. The mottos is; ‘DO NOT’ give up and keep escalating the issue at hand. It’s a knack but it does pay well once you get it together… Hope this helps a little..
  7. May I ask..is this a sincerely all singing and dancing 'enforceable debt' - just wondering? Oh and yes............... the DCA in question brought the following to mind.. MacKenzie Hall hauled up over debt collection tactics APRIL 21, 2009 Debt collection firm MacKenzie Hall has been told to clean up its act. An investigation by The Office of Fair Trading found that "some of its business processes failed to meet satisfactory standards". Now MacKenzie Hall, based in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, must not pursue a debt where it has been notified in writing that there is reasonable cause to believe that the debt is in dispute. I hope this helps a little and good luck.
  8. Latest is that last week the firm wrote back asking for a damage estimate. So I may be getting somewhere...
  9. Subsequent to additional pushing they have now supplied a new email to send pics to. They say they are examining the shots.
  10. OK Thanks They just wrote again giving the U.S. address saying they do not want photos as they are being rejected as spam... Appalling service.
  11. Our car chap just agreed with us that it would have been the heat and sign doing this. Not worth spending much on it though as the car aint worth much . No response from the firm either again so.... Looks like they can get away with this then without challenge. Is the OFT the place to moan to about this then?
  12. Reckon this is more like it...as the same that was damaged was in fact the side that the sun touches most. But I wish the firm would have told us this before the damage was done. I think it is wrong that other folks may be suffering the same too unknowingly... I would like to see a call for others who have had this problem.
  13. No it's not adhesive. It 'only' appeared after the magnetic signs were used. No not going to be lacquered either.
  14. I have not tried T cut but colour restorer and scratch remover would not touch it.
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