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  1. Can anybody tell me what is the latest with these court cases. It all seems to have gone very quiet!
  2. I'm not in a promotional period and have had the mortgage with them for over 4 years. Good idea Tonycee, thanks.
  3. I have an interest only mortgage with Mortgages PLC. I'm looking into changing into a repayment mortgage but they dont seem to happy to help. So, I asked that if I paid a bit extra each month would it come off my capital, they said yes but each time I paid it would be classed as a lump sum repayment for which they would charge £83.00 every time for admin costs. So if I paid £75.00 extra each month, it would cost me £83.00, therefore incurring arrears of £8.00! Is this right?
  4. I am claiming back from Abbey, and they are refusing to renew my debit card, making it very difficult to use my account! My new card didn't turn up so I called them, they said it was probably a security check. I was told to go to my branch with identification and they would call the underwriters to sort it out. At my branch I was told to call the underwriters myself! They were very unhelpful! I have been with them for 25years or so. Has anybody got any advise.
  5. I am in the same position. I have banked with Abbey for over 25 years, and they have just refused to renew my debit card, thus, pretty much rendering my account useless to me! I have a savings account with Nationwide but they will not upgrade to a current account. I do NOT want credit or an overdraft, I just want to put my money in and be able to operate a current account in the black!
  6. I've just received the standard letter from Abbey stating that they are applying for a stay! Will wait to see what comes from the Court.
  7. I received a Notice that Acknowledgement of Service Has Been Filed from my County Court telling me that the defendant (Abbey) filed an Acknowledgement of Service on 7th August and stating that the defendant indicated an intention to defend all of the claim. The letter goes on to say that they have 28 days from date of service to file a defence. Has anyone received a similar letter and if so, can the let me know the next probable steps in the process.
  8. I heard nothing from Abbey after posting my LBA, so today, I have submitted my claim to my local court.
  9. I have posted my LBA, and await the usual standard reply.
  10. Ok, update time! I posted my Prelim letter (last week) for charges and have today received a reply from Abbey. Its a standard 'sorry you're not happy' letter, saying they will investigate and get back to me (in about 4 weeks). I gather I ignore their time scale and send them the letter before action in 2 weeks etc etc?
  11. No, the cheque hasn't been cashed and I didn't send it recorded either. Not a good start, eh? But I will send a confirming letter, recorded, thanks.
  12. I posted my cheque with request for statements 27/4/07. I've not had any response from them, not even confirmation of my letter. Has anybody any suggestions as to what I should do. I sent it to their address in Prescot Street, London, not realising there were addresses on this site!
  13. Hi there, I'm new to this, so please bear with me. I've just sent a standard letter to Abbey requesting copy bank statements etc. I've sent them the £10 too. Has anybody experience of success or failure with Abbey at reclaiming bank charges? Is it really worth starting the process?
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