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  1. But if they are bankrupt can they get ccj?
  2. Hello; Is anybody knows if Welcome finance can apply for a Charging order on the house. I've taken unsecured loan from them.
  3. In 2006 i got loan to purchase a car. I borrowed £6950 plus £1000 (for insurance some kind) Totally £7950. Duration of agreement 48 month with 40.2% APR. Total repayble £15061.12. I paid £305.45 a month. In 2007 I took another loan for £2000. Agreement for 36 months with 60.10% APR. With monthly payments of £109.74 a month. In 2008 I couldn't afford to pay for the car and asked welcome finance to take it. They didn't want car back and said that they will help me to ease monthly payments. The said thay put both loand in 1 agreement for 60 months with m
  4. Hello. I received my SAR from Welcome. I've found a second agreement with them for 120 months (I thought it was for 36 months) but signature doesn't look like mine and the date 30/05/2008 is wrong. I've got a prove that on 30/05/2008 I was in Thailand (customs samp in my passport). Is my second agrrement a fraud and what to do now? Thanks
  5. thanks for responding. i did stop paying welcome finance. The sent me default notice and threatening to take a car. I didn't sign second agreement ( I don't have second agreement copy) that's why I need SAR. THANK YOU AGAIN I WILL SEND SAR REQUEST AND ENCLOSE 10 pounds postal order.
  6. Hello everybody.I just need some advice please. I took a car loan in 2006, signed the agreement with welcome Finance. The amount of credit was £7950 over 48 months total amount repayable 15081.12 (40,2% apr). My first payment was made on november 2006, monthly payment was £305.45 which i I kept paying until may 2008. After a phone conversation with welcome finance it was agrred to reduce my monthly payments to 127.84 a month. I thought I was paying for the same agreement. But recently i found out that I signed another contract for £127.84 a month (i cant r
  7. I have not filled the form yet. And the hearing is on 11/11/2008
  8. Hello again. I'm filling the defence form and I dont how know to answer these 2 questions: -Do you want the court to consider whether or not the terms of your original loan agreement are fair? Yes or NO -Do you intend to apply to the court for an order changing the terms of your loan agreement (A time order). Yes or No. Of course i would preffer lower rate of our mortgage and no fee for late payment etc. But will it work? Thank you
  9. Hello Ell-enn. Thank you for helping me. But I'm not sure what Q27 is.We received: Claim form Particulars of claim for possession Defence form and that' s it. What is this form and where i can get one? Thank you
  10. We just got the claim form on friday. We have'not filled the defence form yet.
  11. I forgot my mortgage company is Advantage (Morgan Stanley Bank International LTD).
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