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  1. i had an o2 contract phone ages ago well the direct debit was never set up properly by 02 and as it was an online account i never checked anything , just presumed it was all paid and sorted , well 2 months ago i sent off for my credit file and found that o2 had put a default on my file , well i phoned o2 up and emailed them and said if i pay this money owed (187) would they remove this default , i got emails back from a lisa wong at o2 saying yes they would ( about 3 or 4 emails to be procise) so haveing paid this money to them i get a phone call from them saying thanks for the money and we have now put satisfied against the default . WOOO hold on there i said , ive got emails saying that you would remove it , NO they said . well having read up on consumers rights bits ive since found out that they cant send a default by email ( they said they had) and they also said that it had been passed to wescott (dca) no dealings with these . so now ive sent off a cca to them knowing they cant supply the signed agreement and requesting the removal of the default from my file , well 14 days r up today and nothing , ive also been in contact with experian and they have put a note on my file with regarding this deaulft saying please ignore this as its in dispute , and they have contacted o2 over it aswell , am now waiting for the 42 days r up and contacting all aurthorities over this and making sure o2 is sorted , might even see the courts about damages as ive not been able to get credit from anyone as a default is just as bad as a ccj
  2. won my claim against mbna asked for 4922 with ci and ended up with 4670 . just awaiting final cheque for 3000 off of them b4 i stop mcol
  3. i got 2 cheques off of them for 1640 total have sent the last and final letter to them asking for the rest 3300 might do the email thing like you and see if i get a response if i dont here by wednesday im going to mcol i take it you never got that far with them ? mines for a closed account so ive had both of my goodwills sent by cheque , seems it takes about 7 to 10 days for them to send that out
  4. mcfadzean1


    got 2 cheques of these at chester towers one for 900 the second for 740 , am still going for the rest which is 4922.44 , letter sent yesterday ( postal strike day ) to say pay up by wednesday or ill start mcol , paid for by you lol
  5. i see your good at default issues rory can you take a look at mine please ? i never got one but done a credit check and there it is in black and white
  6. ok bit of a long story but ill cut it short . i got a mobile with o2 online well the direct debit was set up but they never took the bloody money out , well in the end i cancelled the direct debit . months and months went by and never heard a thing from 02online , well i got my credit report a couple of weeks ago and lo and behold there was a big red default against me from o2 . ive since phoned o2 and asked why ive never got a default notice from them and they said they sent one by email and also got a dca involved , (did they ? never had anything) well ive told them i want the default removed as ive never been informed of it and after reading a few bits here and a few bits there found out that defaults cannot be sent by email , now ive told o2 this and they will not remove it , told them i was happy to pay the money but i want that default removed now . again they said no and if i want complain contact insights there debit recovery section is there any thing i can do to get this removed now ??? if i owe money then ill pay it wot im moaning about is that they said they sent a email to me saying about a default (never got one) they say a dca got hold of me about debt ( nope they didnt) lost as wot i can do now any help would be appreiciated richard
  7. got 2nd letter today saying offering £575 first offer was for£290, they say they are not going to pay the interest i asked for and this is the last letter they will send me , if i want to take it further then contact fos , the offer they have given me is just the charges i asked for refunded but no interest which i gave then 15,9% total of £2400+ no the crux of the story is these buggas gave me a ccj when i was at my lowest when i had split from my family and had csa running after me for money i didnt have (marbles wanted it all) has any member managed to get the interest off of marbles when they claimed it ? and has any member got a suitable letter saying ill take the 575 quid and pay me the interest ? yes i know theres one in templates but just thought that a member might have made one up with court cases they could quote and the loses that marbles have had any help would be most greatfully recieved regards richard
  8. has anyone got a copy of the t and c s for this card from 2002 to 2004 ?
  9. got cheque yesterday for 900 quid but i already told them i want it all , wot would be your move glav ?
  10. well done m8 , got a letter saturday saying we aint paying you diddly squat so letter went out dinner time saying you got 7 days left pay or go up against the fireing squad and prepare to take wats thrown at you . only took them 1 day to investagate and send the reply out to me ( yeh right)
  11. any one got an idea on how much this interest rate should be for claiming back from these people ?
  12. mcfadzean1


    got a letter from them today saying that due to account being dormant for a long time they have purged there system of my info . they only sent me transaction history of my account from july 2002 till nov 2003 and sent that free, gave me my 10 quid postal order back this all after i sent a s.a.r request to them . paid off the final amount on this account in april 2006 and the ccj shows this . so what do i do next ?????????????????????????? help is needed please
  13. how long did it take you from start to finish ? i sent an s.a.r on 27/04/07 and got a repely from rachel claridge on 29/05/07 saying goodwill 900 blah blah blah , i phoned them yesterday at the advocates office say thanks but no thanks and come back with a better offer . my claim was for 1836 + 15.9 % intrest which took it to 4922.44 . do you think if i phone again tuesday they might have reconsidered ? any help will be much appreiciated as im in need of the money for my wedding in august
  14. actually just phoned there office and asked why they offered me money when i asked for my statements only . they answered that they knew what was comming and wanted to settle , told them to reconsider there off and come back to me
  15. will do tatty as ur only 6 miles from me .
  16. mcfadzean1

    UMPS vs MBNA

    did you add interest to your claim ? mine was for 1850 charges from 2001 to 2003 then i added 15.9% intrest and it came to £4922.44. so its well worth the hassle of working it all out . p.s ive just phoned there advocates off to decline there 900 quid good will and told them to come back with more money ha ha
  17. had the same problem with mine , but lucky or unlucky for me they had taken a ccj out with me and the solicitors they used was restons in warrington so i just phoned them and gave them my details and hey presto they gave me my account number so i sent a s.a.r to them 27/04/07 hope that helps
  18. have just phoned there advocates office to be told that they will be dealing with it today and i should hear in the next 10 days with a better offer as they are trying to get them through quickly
  19. i got a letter yesterday 30/05/07 from rachel claridge offering me 900 quid to go away , well my charges are 1836 quid b4 interest with that on top it works out at 4922.44 . so told her to bugga off and offer me more , just waiting on her response , p.s . i never asked for any money all i did was send a s.a.r off for my statements and that was on 27/04/07
  20. i got a reply from a rachel claridge ref my s.a.r and offering me 900 quid to go away , well i posted my spreedsheet and charges off to them , it came to 4922.44 still awaiting to hear from rachel over this . this was only yesterday though but sent the reply off guarrented next day delivery(1pm) so she should get it today . hopefully there just send me a cheque for the full amount
  21. I Got The Same Letter From B.c.w 3 Weeks Ago And I C.c.a'd Them . Got A Reply From Them Last Week Saying That They Havent Got The Cca And Are Passing Me Back To Thames For The Cca And We Should Be Hearing From Them Shortly . By The Way Do I Cca Thames Credit Or Leave It Considering Ive Cca'd B.c.w ?
  22. i have had a letter just the same from BCW and its thames again . i cca,d them and just got that and that thames would be in contact
  23. been and tried to claim through paypal and my credit card but as its over 60 days they wont do anything , ive phoned the seller and guess what ? no answer . next thing i think will be the police
  24. i got a phone from a ebay seller on dec3rd 2006 , now the seller is a power seller with a very high feedback . last week the phone stopped working completely . i went to a mobile repair shop where the guy told me the phone has been black listed( blocked) due to it being either reported stolen or a contract not being paid . ive contacted both ebay and paypal over it and all they say is contact the seller ( ive tried) or report it to the police as a fraud case . can anyone help me out here as the seller is neither replying to emails or aswering his home phone
  25. CHEERS . woman on the phone was a right c*w . i phoned to remind them that they have a few more days to come up with the c.c.a but all she kept asking was for the mrs and that they wouldnt be speaking to me . gonna look for the right letter to send now and send that and a phone letter off to them all at once and see wot happens
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