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  1. Anybody managed to remove stays with creditcard claims?
  2. I thought so too!!!I am just using Zoots template asking the judge to remove the stay judgement
  3. sorry for the silence Guys. I got a response from the High Wycombe CC staying the case on the back of the OFT test case. What next?
  4. me vs JLewis Patnership Creditcard ....WON, WON, WON!!!!!! Just had a correspondence from the partnership offering refund as a goodwill gesture. It ends by saying ''This gesture of goodwill is without prejudice to our right to impose and recover default charges in the future''. I should accept the offer shouldn't I especially as it is without interest?
  5. hello folks. I have spent the last few months dealing with LTSB and so far won two. third going through the courts (creditcard). At the same time I am tackling John Lewis. I wonder if anybody here has/had an experience with them. So far I have requested repayment of £100 in default charges, and promptly received a no can do letter. In the letter they make mention the fact that they disagree with the OFT ruling of 2006. Is this to my advantage?. Help with your comments pls.
  6. THKS for the link Barty, checked and none there for creditcards. Has anyone won recently?
  7. Does anybody have the T & C for Lloyds Mastercard?
  8. Can the POC as it is, be used for creditcard claims? If not which bits do I remove. Desperate to send my claim off to the courts soon. Any help appreciated.
  9. Thks Barty. I thought the spreadsheet for CC would be different to that for current accounts?
  10. People which spreadsheet shd I use for interest calc for credit card, pls. am trying to send my N1
  11. Can a moderator pls tell me where to start a new thread for John Lewis Partnership Financial services. They have rejected my request for refund.
  12. I have decided to go to court for the full amount. They havent come back to me since my rejection of their offer
  13. No response from LTSB to my LBA given them 10days to respond to my non acceptance of partial refund. I intend to fill out my claim on MCOL tomorrow. Any contrary views?
  14. Does it take long to receive payment? What is reasonable time to give them?
  15. Come on people. still like some comments about my query...help
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