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  1. Thank you for your kind message,my orginal court date was for the 3rd september and just had new date through for the 19th, that is at southampton. Keep your chin up and I will keep a eye out for your good news very soon:) .
  2. Hi, I have had a court date, which I could,nt make in the summer holidays, so wrote back to courts to inform them of this. in the meantime you gave me the e mail for inga, who I e mailed, but no reply, sent another basically saying please respond. I eventually got a reply saying they had moved offices, please send again. i was about to do that, then the next day got a letter from Abbey, settling in full with interest and court costs, so could'nt believe it. I have had no contact from them up in till now, so not sure what prompted it. I was just about to start getting all my bundle up toget
  3. Hi James33, I have just been reading your thread as I have just received a court date for the 3rd september and I am claiming £2500, but need to work out additional intrest. I had a good will offer of about £400 afew months back, but no contact since and I have also had additional charges put on account. do you think it is worth a try for me to make contact with ms kirkman at abbey, if you could let me have e mail, as all my correspondence has been from james arrandale. I thought it might be worth a chance before I have to do evidence etc, what do you reckon?:-?
  4. Hello, I am claiming appox £2000 from Shabbey and have filled out a aq questionaire and have now received my court date for the 3rd September. I have to send in any evidence by the 5th July, not sure what sort of things to include. It also says written evidence, from who? Can I send a nudge letter when I am this far into this? I am really nervous and feel like backing out, really need some advise. I am down for southampton court, so any help from anyone would be good.:?
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