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  1. Hi, I applied for £1,326 and accrued £76 after applying. Natwest wrote to me yesterday offering me the full £1402 via direct credit to my account. Just had to sign an acceptance form and return in first class envelope provided! Didn't threaten to close my account just transfer me to account that doesn't accrue charges if I disagree with fees at a future date. Yippee! Hurry up and get to my account. Good luck everyone else. Karen.
  2. Just an update. I thought I'd try a different stance before sending the SAR letter. I phoned the customer relations dept of Natwest and they have requested free duplicate statements and said they should be with me by the end of next week. He said the bank have 40 days to sort it out (I took it he meant the claim). Will keep you posted. Karen.
  3. Hi all, I wrote to Natwest on 11.03.07 (first letter) stating I estimate they owed me £3,648 over the past 6 years. Actually realised the day after posting the letter that I didn't start banking with them until March 2004!!! Oops. Anyway, they wrote back on 22.03.07 stating they would provide me with free duplicate statements. I faxed them on 08.04.07 chasing up the statements - still no reply. Think I will send them a Data Protection Letter with £10 cheque and see what happens then but I will keep ya posted. Karen.
  4. OK. will do. will send the letter and try & find the natwest forum. Thanks.
  5. Hi all, Apologies if anyone has posted anything similar to this. I offer this advice from experience. If you have a debt that has been passed to a debt collection agency, you can offer full and final settlement for a reduced figure and they usually accept. I bought some sofas from DFS and ended up owing around £2,500. In December 2004, I moved house and my mortage advisor informed me that debt collection agencies "buy" the debt from the company (eg, DFS) for a fraction of the amount outstanding - usually around 30%. Therefore, if you offer them from 50% & above in full and final set
  6. Hi brian4951, I have only skimmed various sites concerning bank charges and am currently in the process of trying to reclaim my own back. It appears that you could send a "Data Protection Letter" and under this Act it is my understanding that they HAVE to supply you/your son with the information requested. There are some template letters on this site or BBC NEWS | Special Reports | money_programme. Hope this helps, heavyraisin.
  7. Hi, I am new to this so please bear with me. I wrote to Natwest on 11th March 2007 regarding my penalty charges. I am not sure of the amount, therefore estimated it. They replied to my initial letter within 14 days stating they would provide me with duplicate statements free of charge. This letter was dated 22nd March 2007. I sent them a fax on 8th April 2007 chasing my duplicate statements. As yet I have heard no further from Natwest. Should my next step be to send the Data Protection letter or to threaten them with Court action? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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