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  1. hi, sent the prelim letter with the statements which got the "bog standard" letter reply saying that they not at fault but to let them know if I was still wishing to persue complaint. I have drafted an lba letter but am also going to go to FOS at this stage as the bank has said they not at fault and therefore I see that as them hoping that I leave it at that and intimidated into not persuing further.Therefore no offer has been made at all; just a point blank we have looked at your case and owe you nothing in charges. Thanks to everyone for the very helpful advice and feedback.
  2. Thanks for the feedback! It helps to confirm to me that I will go the FOS route. Too much to claim back for small claims and I'm sorry, after the cost of my divorce, I feel that solicitors have had their tuppence worth from me already!
  3. Hi, Have been reading all the info on this site and finding it very useful...but also confusing! Wrote, with copies of statements, to Halifax asking for over £3000 in charges to be reimbursed. Have received today the "bogstandard" fob off letter saying that my charges were correctly applied etc and that they are declining my complaint. The letter ends with "We are keen to resolve your concerns, if we are unable to do so we'll provide you with details of how you can contact the FOS for help. If I don't hear from you in the next 8 weeks I will assume you are happy"!! Well I am not happy! Do I have to write back and say that I'm not happy and persuing FOS before approaching the FOS and do I have to give the bank 8 weeks "grace" before applying? Have read all the threads re- splitting charges or paying solicitors and it just sounds very much "a pig in a poke" scenario so thinking the FOS route appears best? Ok appears to be a very long wait but successful?? Any thoughts and anyone had success through FOS? Many thanks!!
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