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  1. Hi All Here's a thought: If we get a CCJ against us as individuals then, basically, we're screwed for six years. No chance of credit is probably a good thing in some instances, as the temptation can be hard to resist. But it can be a real problem, and the slur on reputation is unpleasant. Now, given the amount of CCJs these banks are getting at the moment through these reclamations, it occurs to me that it makes no difference to them whatsoever. They'll contine to earn billions a year and ride roughshod over the lives and hopes of ordinary customers. Even the millions they are paying out are the equivalent of a mosquito biting an elephant - they barely notice. So, how can we make this work for us? How can we find out which banks don't have CCJs? And if we can find it out, what merit is there in refusing to bank with those that do? This may well be wishful thinking, but if enough people walked out, it might rebalance the credit scoring industry in favour of real people for a change. Just a thought. Cheers, PTG
  2. Oh yeah, it does taste sweet, especially since they treated friends of mine in the bank as badly as they treat customers! Still, haven't got the money yet, so ask me again in a few weeks...
  3. Thanks GuidoT, I'll certainly keep this in mind. While preparing for the case it occurred to me that this information is probably useful to claimants against Lloyds: You will no doubt recall the woman from Yorkshire Bank on the Panorama programme who had the data pertaining to the bank's actual costs? Well, Lloyds TSB have a similar system called FLII (First Line Improvement Information). Basically, this is a work measurement system used throughout Group Operations (where payments such as Direct Debits and cheques are processed). It allows line managers to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of all staff, and is underpinned by a database containing detailed work measurements down to keystroke level. The entire culture of Group Ops is characterised by an obsession with costs, partly due to promises made to shareholders and the stockmarket at the time of the Lloyds and TSB merger. Since that merger they have used data such as this to 'fine tune' processes as much as possible - most often with the aim of getting rid of staff and automating processes. In a nutshell it is inconceivable that the bank does not know the exact cost of a bounced direct debit or usage of an unauthorised overdraft. I know this is hardly a revolutionary point, but it bears repeating. The problem is how you introduce this at court - as an ex employee I was quite happy to ask the judge to swear me in if necessary in order to get this fact across. I will try to find what documents I can about FLII and the other systems and post this on the site for use in bundles etc. Also worth mentioning that - certainly while I worked there - all staff had to have a Lloyds TSB current account as a part of employment. This was supposedly so that benefits could be paid, but whilst there is probably some truth in it I'm sure they weren't too dismayed at the captive customer base either! When anything else occurs to me I'll post it up, but in the meantime anything I can do to help I'm more than happy. Take care, PTG
  4. Hi all Have just got back from court and... success! [problem] or their representatives didn't bother to turn up, despite having sent counsel to try an earlier case that day at the same Court. The Judge in my case struck out their defence and awarded in my favour. However, given this dogs breakfast of a class action by the OFT, he said it was very likely that Lloyds would launch an application to have the judgement set aside either permanently or at least until the High Court makes a ruling. Has anyone else had a similar experience, and if so what is the best strategy for dealing with this? Thanks to CAG and all the subscribers, the help was really useful. If and when I get some money, I will be sending you guys a donation. Cheers! Hope to hear some ideas about this setting aside business soon. Take care everyone and give them hell, PTG
  5. Hi, I'm fairly new to all this, so bear with me! Just a note to say that I used to work for Lloyds, and I can confirm that the figures seen on the Whistleblower show for Yorkshire Bank are very similar to theirs. The Bank is very tight on it's costs, and everything is analysed using very sophisticated techniques. They were rated by Microsoft as better than they were themselves on cost management, process management and so on. There are several software packages in place, developed both in house and externally, and they are very dedicated to driving down costs. Everything is geared up to efficiency and effectiveness, and the processing costs for bounced cheques or overdraft breaches are readily available. Now I'm entering the fray with you guys and... well, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you. I'm a little cagey about discussing specifics right now because I know for a fact that Bank employees will be trawling this and other sites to dig up whatever they can to use against existing and potential litigants. Suffice to say, I found you through Martin Lewis' site (praise him) and I'm in the process of trying to claw back some money myself. A big thankyou to CAG and all who sail in her! There is invaluable information here. And all the very best to you all in your endeavours against the pin striped bully boys of the Big Four. Ciao, PTG
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