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  1. Thank you bally35. I think I will send the letter off today. I've got nothing to lose I suppose!
  2. Hi sokam I know this is quite old but I was wondering how you got on? I have just posted a general query to see how anyone else got on and then I found you!! There doesn't seem to be many/any who have tried to claim from AIB which is suprising as I think their charges and communication is appalling. (Am I allowed to say that??) Just wondering how it all went. dappy
  3. Hi everyone. I'm new to this (this is my first post) and my 'issue' is with Allied Irish Bank. The trouble is I can find no mention of this bank on here or any stories of any successes or faliures. My account has always been held in the UK so I think I am covered by English law, can anyone confirm this? To be honest I'm new to this and a bit terrified. I've read through the FAQs and cannot see any reason why I shouldn't go ahead and send a letter requesting the list of charges I have paid so I just need some reassurance I think. Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place! dappy
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