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  1. Hi received over weekend, letter form local County Court - Notice of Allocation or Listing Hearing. District Judge xxxx has considered the statements of case submitted in this claim and has decided that a hearing is necessary before a final decision about allocation can be made. Reasons for hearing are as follows: The Court needs to identify whether this particular case is suitable for hearing as a Fast Track. I have to go on August 1st. What does all this mean????? Please help!
  2. Still not sure whether need to send another N1 form with N244. Court have told me to change it will be £65.00, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?? Court have also said that it is waiting to be listed and going to a hearing so should leave any alterations till that hearing, but not sure. PLEASE HELP!
  3. Have filled N244 do I need to accompany it with a new N1 form, as previously filed via MCOL. Also struggling slightlly on P O C figures at bottom. Have now filled in list of charges form via this website, do I put in £2152 from 01/03/01 plus interest. Then how do I work out daily interest which needs filling in???? Can someone please help as I need to send it off today.
  4. I'm in the same boat as you, but still tryin. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Don't let them win.
  5. Hi ,thx, have printed off Form N244, ticked Box C. In Part A, put in my name, then it says 'intend to apply for an order (a draft of which is attached) that (2) put in allows an amendment etc, etc because (3) put in the claimant did not adequately particularise etc, etc Part B ticked evidence in Part C in support of my application. Part C Put in respectfully request etc, etc. Hope this is right. Including printout of charges and Particulars of claim. Hope this is all right, do I need to fill in another N1 or should I just put my case number on N244?
  6. Thx to all who have responded, not quite sure how to reply to you individually as new to forums!! Printed out N244 and now filling in and enclosing hopefully what should be all the information they require. Will keep you posted
  7. No totally mucked up, didn't use spreadsheet from website and didn't put down my account details on MCOL. Previously wrote to Lloyds with standard letters and printout of charges though. What should I do next, do I need to submit N244?
  8. Have just received notice of transfer of proceedings to my local court and it was accompanied with notice stating that allocation questionnaire is being dispensed with. I have got 4 points on my defence from Lloyds. 1. This defence is served without prejudice to the Defendant's contention that the Particulars of Claim is insufficiently particularised and is embarrasing. The Defendant reserves the right to plead further to the Particulars of Claim once they are sufficiently particularised. 2. The Defendent will object that the Particulars of Claim in this action disclose no reasonab
  9. Thx for that. Have now read Getting MCOL Right and following the instructions. On Particular of Claim (via internet) I just quoted claiming unfair bank charges. Will now submit information and letters to court for particulars of claim as suggested.
  10. Hi, have been down the route of writing to Lloyds asking for refund of bank charges - £2150. They replied said no with usual response letter. Replied gave them further notice to review their decision and stated that if I did not receive a response then court action would be started. No response so started court action via mcol (though not sure I provided all the information they wanted) and it was served on 01/05/07. Lloyds have until 15/05/07 to reply. Received a letter today from Lloyds in Andover saying that sorry to hear that I still wasn't happy and unable to add to their previou
  11. Thx for that, now filled in Court forms, so here goes!!
  12. :confused:Hi, have written to Lloyds re bank charges, got response saying (this doesnt apply to my charges as these were for dealing with your request to go over your agreed overdraft limit). Issued second letter, got no reply. Am now considering court action and have started filling in form online, but not sure whether I can now add interest as I didn't apply for it in the original letters sent to Lloyds. Please Help. Thx
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