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  1. Hello Please help or advise on what my rights are... I ordered by wedding invitations from confetti costing £300, they arrived and to my disappointment they were really poorly put together, they were coming unstuck, the print was really bad and they were not folded straight and just looked awful. I returned them along with the envelopes to the confetti store, who agreed that they were not up to standard and would get them all re-printed. The re-printed invites arrived a week later but this time with no envelopes and the corners of the day invites had all been bent. I telephoned the store, as I now had to collect the old envelopes from them and they said they would offer me 20% off my next order with them. Which i wasnt happy with, Why would i want to order anything else!! I didnt ask for a reprint becuase I really needed to get my invitations in the post this weekend) I telephoned Confetti customer service who were really good and managed to get the store to give me 20% off the order. I went instore to see the manager to collect the envelopes and get my discount and she couldnt even be bothered to get off the telephone to speak with me, and didnt apologise or even acknowledge we were there. Today I planned to send out the invitations and have found that the RSVP card envelopes are are not the correct ones for my invitations. I've rang the store and have explained the problem and have said I want all my money back as this will be the third time I will have had to come into the store and for the third week I have not been able to send them out. However, the 'supervisor' cant do anything with out the manager who is not in until tomorrow. I want my money back but I dont have time to get anymore invitations printed and will have to send them out with the wrong envelopes. I was happy to accept the 20% off for the first issue but now I feel as if they have my money and now couldnt care less about customer service. I know brides can get a bit stressed and over the top but my chilled out partner agrees that its not good enough. What am i entitled to ask for back? The Manager is supposed to be ringing me tomorrow. What would you ask for? I really need to get the invitations out and for the printers to re-do the correct envelopes it will be another week. Interested to hear people would do... thanks Im not bride-zilla honest!! x
  2. I know, I have telephoned them twice to see if they will reduce it or remove it, my partner has also telephoned them and they are having none of it, its £47.50 to cancel and if i just cancel my Direct Debits then i guess I will get in more hassle. I hate insurance! they take your money and do f all when it comes to making a claim you have to chase them up if you want anything..mmm rant over! lol
  3. Have you both contacted the Financial ombudsman? Give them a call and they may be able to help you. Admiral want to charge me nearly £50 just to cancel so rang the below and they are sending a letter. our complaints procedure and how to complain also, I have emailed Dom so perhaps if you two do aswell they may be more likely to look into it.
  4. I have tried to cancel my insurance policy with Admiral 18 days into the policy and Admiral want to charge me £47.50 just to cancel. They cant tell me what this £47.50 is actually for. I have telephoned the Financial Ombudsman and they have said that if its in the T & C's they can charge what they want but that they would still send a letter to Admiral which may get them to drop the charge. The letter is being sent today however Admiral have 8 weeks to respond by which time I could have paid another 2 months car insurance. Has anyone else taken on these Incrance company cancellation charges and had them dropped? is there anything else i can try to get this dropped? Thank you
  5. todd390 are you sending your letter to Barclays Bank Plc Customer Relations 1 Churchill Place London E14 5HP OR Barclays Data Protection Radbroke Hall Knutsford Cheshire WA16 9EU As im not sure who to direct my letter to and might send a copy to both? Thanks
  6. Thank you. Mine isnt an internet account and I dont recall signing anything so fingers crossed. thanks again
  7. Hi Im in the same situation and just in the process of sending a SAR to barclays. From the advise ive got from others I believe we are both in a position to reclaim but im sure others will advise you aswell. ( Ive been paying £16 PPI a month since 2004!) The SAR is the best place to start... Do you have the SAR template?
  8. Hello, I want to claim back the ppi on my overdraft, theyve taken £16 a month for 4 years. When i went into the bank last month to cancel it i mentioned getting the money back and they werent very helpful. Does anyone have a template letter I can send them please cheers
  9. Thank you. How do I do that? I dont recall asking for the PPI or signing anything at the bank but it was years ago. Cheers
  10. Hello - Ive just found out that ive been paying £16 a month since Jan 2004 for payment protection on my overdraft at Barclays bank. Ive cancelled it now but do i have any chance of claiming the money back? if so how do i do it? Many thanks F x
  11. Right the case management conference yesterday at Leeds: Myself and around 20 other people claiming went into court 19 at 10.30. A Barrister dealing with barclays, Halifax, HSBC or HBOS (Sorry cant remember exactly who he was representing) he had 17 of us to speak with and a other barrister for yorkshire bank were present. Along with 6 or 7 press. The judge went over what the case management conference was about: that there were so many claims at the moment the small claims court could not handle them all so it had been passed to the mercantile court. He said we will adjourn until 12.30 to give the barristers time to talk to us (and try & settle!). The barrister spoke with most of us and I believe all the barclays cases were settle. We returned back to court and the Barclays Barrister asked to have more time so we adjourned until 2.30 so that he could continue to see all of his banks claimants. The yorkshire bank barrister asked the court if the yorkshire banks claims could be put on hold until the OFT report at the end of the year, (this was then discussed after I left as mine was settles so I am not sure of the outcome of the yorkshire bank request but will be speaking with someone that stayed in court so will update) sorry this is patchy at work at the mo but will update with more details as soon as i can. I will say tho if you get called to Mercanile court make sure you TURN UP AT COURT, the barristers were asking the judge if the cases/claimants taht hadnt turned up if their cases could be struck off! again dont know the outcome of this as i was allowed to leave along with other settled cases. will update asap
  12. No havent had one from them, yes i believe they have to complete one aswell. and i havent had it. Will let you know what happens x
  13. Thanks, ive taken it out! thanks for your advise, feeling better! What if the bank havent received my CMinformation sheet? can it get thrown out? i didnt send in recorded post?
  14. Just rang the courts, they have my Case Management Information Sheet and told me thats all they need from me. They havent heard from the bank. (should i fax/email over another copy of the CMInfo sheet to the bank to make sure theyve had it? anyone got contact info for barclays?) They said The bank may turn up and make me an offer tomorrow, if this happens im to let the judge know, if not the judge will give direction to how to proceed to trial. It will be listed to trail and a hearing date will be set. Could anyone else attending tommorow PM
  15. Hi, my case against barclays is due to be heard at the mercantile court tom, ive heard nothing from them. ive sent in the case management info sheet, to the court but dont really know what else to expect tommorow at court? can anyone advise?
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