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  1. Oh, and the default software that is packed in with the BB, isnt worth the disc is burned on. Too many faults, clashes, and conflicts between microsoft apps (that were specifically designed) for the computer.
  2. That is what a BT employee would say, i have the phone logs to prove it. While the issue is down to [email protected] service, its not necessarily the technical side of things that are causing the problems. Although there have been some technical issues which were not on my fault (after performing nearly 70 broadband setups for friends n family), BT refused to acknowledge there was a fault with their systems. One particular instance was I could view websites, but logging in was not possible due to a fault with the packet carriers (the way the info is sent). Msn, myspace, ebay, orange, and my business, was not possible for 3 days. BT asked if I could contact each site to check their status. My business site was working fine according to my friends computer, so I didn't need to ask anyone else I had a BT “international” person, who requested to remote access my desktop, once I agreed, we performed several tests. Even the BT website I was not able to log into. I performed a search for the specific error and found the information that stated “ISP responsibility/ contact Vendor” BT then said this wasn't their responsibility, even though the guy on the other end of the remote desktop could see exactly the same text that I was looking at. The customer service, and ta highly limited service is not satisfactory to the price I am paying. Seriously a 2gb cap on a £17.99 pcm 12 month contract, as for 8mb p/s I have only been able to get 300 KBPS, even though I could throw a stone and hit the local phone switch. BT have insisted that this is within their acceptable limits. My old pipex 2mb was pretty much identical, and they didn't charge me for going over the usage limit, because I conducted the majority of my usage after peak hours. BT have failed to state the peak and off peak hours, charged me an extra 0.30p per gb extra ontop of my original package. My average usage is about 15 – 25 gb pcm. I am fed up of waiting ages to speak to a substandard service provider, that fails to identify faults within their own company, and fails to successfully deal with a problem. I want out of this contract, and to be able to switch to someone who knows something other than a script.
  3. I am a BT broadband customer, suprisingly unstatisfied with my service. I am fed up of having repeated faults with my line, service, and customer "relations". Is it possible to get BT to withdraw the contract, so I am able to move onto a better provider. I am tied into a 12 month contract and 3 months into it already. Sick of waiting in excess of 45 mins to speak to someone reading from a script.
  4. I was employed directly with the company. I had a contract, which I signed when I started last year. I knew the company are cheap, becuase there are similar job and shop axes each year especially june and september, like clockwork.
  5. There was no date specified on my contract, so it was effectivley an ongoing temporary position.
  6. This practice surely is illegal. Its like buying a 2 year old car at brand new prices. Im pretty sure the principal that applies to retail should apply to this. If it is labeled at 5.28 pu then you pay that, irrespective of arrears. If a shop charges a customer more due to a recent price change, even though they have a written quote then that is illegal, isnt it?
  7. There was a common technique used a few years ago round our neck of the woods. People would use glue or another adhesive on the ATM, inwhich the machine would pay out but the money would be caught between the rollers and the metal fixing of the ATM. The people that have done this would then approach the machine at the end of the day and force the machine to open *crowbar or something* and take out the cash that would be there. I dont know how valid this is, but it was a rumour that someone I know admitted to doing. As to wether it was an "Im cool look at me" statement or an urban myth.
  8. the best part is, they haven't adjusted the credit side of things. Their not holding their end of the bargain up. It should be interesting to see how the next few weeks unfold.
  9. Well the cheeky beaurocrats offered me 395, turned it down. I want all my money back 800, not including the most recent ones past march. They have ten days or I will legally kick their ass.
  10. Hi folks. I've been looking around ACAS and DTI regarding redundancy rights and all that jazz. But I am at a loss over the finer legal issues regarding my circumstances. My sob story is as follows. *Ques the single violin* I was working for a Photographic Printing Chain “Klick Photopoint”, this companies head office is located in Glasgow. I had held my position for just under a year, something like 51 weeks. My contract was a temporary position and my title was sales assistant. I was originally covering maternity leave and doing 36 or so hours a week. Once the girl had come back after her maternity she could only manage a fraction of what she was doing. So in turn my hours were reduced to 30 pw. A few weeks ago I was asked to attend a meeting with our area manager and branch manager. This meeting was the dear “kindly leave us” sort. Of which I had no options given to me, basically they decided to lay me off. I wasn't concerned about the redundancy pay as I knew they were sneaky enough to axe me before - entering - the typical requirements as stated by the DTI. I left the company on Friday the 8th June and as I was walking by earlier today I have noticed they are now advertising for a “Saturday Sales Position”- today being 22nd June. 14 days after the initial chop. Now I am lead to believe (mums advice) that this practice isn't allowed and there are typical procedures to advertising for new staff after redundancies. I have written what I can remember from the interview below, I can always write and ask for a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) on all notes that were available from the meet. If this ever needs to go to court. ------------- Area Manager - “Scott, originally you were employed on the grounds of a temporary contract. Of which you originally stated that you plan to be with the company until February. As there has been a huge change around with the management structure of the South and South West region we are forced to cut back hours. We have already had to lay off several employee's from other areas to meet our requirements. Unfortunately, I wanted to have this meeting with you in March, but as things have progressed I have been unable to meet with you up until now.” “We no longer require your services within the company... Will you be OK to work until the end of your rota pattern?” Me - “Yes, that's not a problem” Area Manager - “I think we are done here” ---------- My branch manager was completely unaware of this, and was surprised at the decision made by the area manager. She apologised to me. I said it wasn't a personal issue, you have nothing to apologise for, after all business is business and its always the last in - first out. What grinds my gears is that they are advertising for a cut back version of my original job. Alright its a crap job, but like all of us we have bills to pay, and I could have gone back to the catering and licensing industry to supplement my income. The company is renowned for cutting corners because that are cheap b*****d's (no cheap shot at the Scottish intended I'm from above the boarder too) Is what they have done legal, despite being unethical? End the Violin and bring out the Kleenex p.s "Klick Photopoint" also trade as "Max Spielman" under the Bowie CastleBank Group which is further under Alexander Kennedy and Sons. confusing?
  11. The idea of educating at a young age the importance of personal economics is something that should be addressed. Practically though, I don't think it would take off, there are just too many variables to take into account. Plus with the way that the system works its not that simple to financially manage a minimum wage job. Especially in relation to where you live (South West, and London being the most expensive places to live). Irrespective of someone's level of income, there are always going to be issues of financial management. The majority of the problems that fall through are the minimum wage against the cost of daily living .
  12. Its funny really. They claim they can help. I begged and pleaded with them last year as my charges were working around a viscous cycle. They offered me no help, both before and afterwards they refused to help the situation. When my wages were paid in weekly (minimum wage + basic tax rate) they gave me no living allowance, and I actually had nothing for 6 weeks. Within those six weeks I relied upon the goodwill of customers + colleagues to make sure that nothing untoward happened to me (within those 6 weeks I lost 2 stone in weight, and went back on pre scripted med's) As for Abbey, the treatment I received off them was worse than expected of a P.o.W camp. I have never been humiliated like that before. I would like them to live on the wage I am on £5.54p/h + my loan repayments and have their tax rate set to BR while the usual utilities are outgoing. I'd give them a month before the situation is reversed. While it is simple (in theory) to avoid charges, it isn't simple to re-arrange all my outgoings every month, as my pay is every 4 week, instead of a set date pcm. If anyone is not understanding of a situation like this (Abbey) then they are nothing more than sadistic and inhuman. Without blowing my own trumpet, I am doing well. I can manage my month on under £350 while paying the bills, loan, and car. While working an under-rated day job and establishing a business during the night. For over 80+ hours a week I am at work to improve on my financial well-being and achieve my long term business goals. To have the sheer arrogance of some individuals, stating the blinding obvious. Is proof that its the idiots in life that get further than the honest smart working intellects. I would rather file for voluntary insolvency for the benefit of maintaining my principals, ethics and idea's than be a mindless middle management brown-nose. Give me a pen & paper and I will draft out what fair trade and ethics means to the honest person, not what it means to a money hungry corporation. I am sick of the implied justifications these banks are trying to pass off to warrant the need for excessive charging. I am sick of the customer led service on the context of releasing your legal rights. I am disgusted that I pay more in “LEGAL” fines than a person in court would do for shoplifting or even drink driving. I am not a criminal, sheep nor fool. Should I expect to be treating like one? The last time I checked this was the UK and I was protected by my rights. The banks don't help, not in my instance anyway. They chose to appear friendly at first but, they are truly only after one thing. My charges = their money. No matter which way you look at it, they are a business and the majority of businesses look at the 'money is power' philosophy. The more money they have the next competitor they will buy out. *and breathe (not a single swear word either ******* marvellous) – rant over – apologies.
  13. The fault looks like an Operating System fault, that is known by Orange and Most other European countries. It has been an issue since September (the month that the contract was created). The faults were notified to orange in November, December, February, March, and April. Orange will not take the device back as there is no Insurance policy covering it. But the insurace is irrelevant considering that it is a known issue, and should be covered under both the manufacturers warrenty and Orange's terms and conditions to provide a working device. Orange keep insisting that I perform a "hard reset" re-format of the device, and this will correct the device. It hasn't. Below is a brief list of the faults with the device. unable to manipulate the way the standard menu is laid out. calendar function will display dates that are not accurate in most cases months ahead of schedule. Especially birthdays that are entered within my contacts information. Date events will appear and will only allow me to look at 2 events, typically the same birthday for the same contact. e.g. Contact A / 01-01-01 / birthday Contact A / 01-01-01 / birthday These entries will not allow me to view other entries that have been in place for the same day. Entries will appear on the day of the birthday but not the correct month. Hence someone will have multiple birthdays per year. Same applies to standard events that have been planned ahead. alarm clock is unreliable, sometimes hours out, not even specifically on the hour but random times. e.g. Alarm due at 8:00 am will trigger at 10:12 am. Uncharacteristically slow processing times. Applications on identical models will load in less than ½ the time than my model. Camera will take pictures about 4 – 7 seconds after pressing the shutter button (not my highest concern but frustrating none the less) Once editing contacts (e.g. New number and active syncing) it will create a double entry within my laptops Outlook software. e.g. Contact will appear twice with 2 different numbers. This is then duplicated on my device so i have 2 identical contact with 2 differing contact numbers. Same applies with birthdays and name changes. These are the known current faults. I fear that I will not be able to use the "Terminal Services" Applications to manage my business server from remote locations. Nor fully utilise a device that is supposed to be capable of most standard desktop PC applications. This has caused problems as I have not been able to effectiley schedule meetings nor keep an accurate track of my social obligations. Effectivley this device is a very powerful computer, that is mean to take much of my adminitration away from the desk. At the moment, it is nothing more than a fancy MP3 playing paperweight.
  14. I have been an orange customer for a while now. Since upgrading to a SPV M600, i have had nothing but problems with this model. Orange will send me in circles and do nothing to resolve the matter. i would like orange to either send me a new product or I cancel and refuse to pay my outstanding balance. They roped me into an 18 month contract and I still have a long while to go. The fault is with the software on the phone, and not on my fault. Therefor it will be covered by warrenty!? I am not taking out an orange insurance policy as they are quite frankly crap, and completely unrelevant to my on going issue. Do I have any standpoint in which I can enforce them to comply on the basis that I provide them with an ultimatum "new one or I'm elsewhere". On one hand, the customer services have refused to listen up and agree that it is a software fault. Where as the tech folk, know its a software fault. But no-one is sorting out the issue further. Its a bit of a kick in the teeth as im paying a very high monthly rate for nothing more than a paperweight.
  15. So, technically its down to the bank to rectify a situation they shouldn't have created to begin with?
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