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  1. Hi folks, I’ve got a difficult question I hoped somebody could assist with by shedding a bit of light on my position. I took a VW car lease out through a dealership which was fine, then several months ago I took advantage of an ‘early termination’ scheme they offer whereby you take out a new lease with VW finance and the dealership buys the existing car from them. This is an essential part of the scheme. A national dealership agreed a new lease with me and agreed to buy the existing car from VW finance. There was a shortfall of £300 and they took payment from me fo
  2. Hi guys, I wanted to get the opinion of members here as a relative is having a hard time and although I don't know the legislation, I'm pretty sure it's unlawful. Here's the situation: My sister used a nursery for her daughter whilst studying at college, which was funded by a college program to encourage people to take up college courses. The program paid the nursery direct but still sent receipts to her. This ended about 4 months ago. Last week she received a letter from a debt collection agency demanding payment of approx £1400. This is alleged to be the cumulative shortfal
  3. Thanks for your reply, it was paid by card. Yep the mechanic had no issues telling me it hadnt been serviced, which was strange considering he'd just turned off the light..
  4. Hi Guys, Looking for your opinions on a really stressful situation I've found myself in. Any comments appreciated! I visited a used car dealership interested in a specific car. The dealer told me if I wanted it, it would be fully serviced and would have a new MOT before I took it away. The dealer provided me with a paper print off with the same details showing. I did purchase the car a week later the service light came on. I called the dealer and was told "the garage must have forgotten to reset it, bring the car in and I'll take it up to them for you". I thou
  5. Hi, thanks for your replies. Ive started the ball rolling with the NHBC dispute resolution service but its not as straighforward as it might seem. Theyve told me they'll play an independant part but that the responsibility lies with the developer during the forst 2 years and that should be my main point of contact until they are no longer responding to my calls/letter/emails. I'll look into formally writing a notice before action. Thanks for all your advice!
  6. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on an ongoing issue with a new build property I purchased 7 months ago. I won't name the developer on here as I'm worried it may prejudice their efforts (if they ever bother!). I purchased the new build house from a national developer for approx £1000 more than the identical property next door as it had a reasonable sized garden. This was given as the reason for the price difference. I have a little girl so stretched to afford the garden so that she had room to play. Within a few months we realised we still couldn't walk on it witho
  7. Yes contributions paid as per normal since I've been in work. I do have a wife who works part time but its only about 19 hours as we have a baby. I don't have any savings or assets to speak of. Thanks for the reply ill get in touch with them.
  8. Haha, I guess so long as there's a right turn to take, you have a point!
  9. thanks for the input crem but I can assure you that you're mistaken here. The OP's issue is certainly an 'absolute' offence - off the top of my head I believe the OP will have committed the offence under reg 29 - traffic signs regs and directions. Though I may be wrong as there are a few alternatives that could be used depending on the specifics of the box junction. The offence is absloute as it's automatically complete when 1) The exit was not clear when you entered the yellow box junction. 2) You entered the yellow box junction and stopped behind a stationary vehicle. 3) Part of your
  10. Having worked for the 'darkside' for a long time I can tell you this offence is what's known as 'absolute' - meaning basically that if you did it, it doesn't matter why, it was still an offence you committed. There's some good advice on earlier posts about the council/road safety partnership needing solid evidence, so that's a route you could explore properly, but one thing I would stress is that contrary to most people's impression, the courts are impartial until evidence is presented to them. They're there just as much for you to put your side of it across as they are to hear the prosecution
  11. Hi guys, I'm hoping somebody can give me a definitive answer here. I have been in full time employment for ever, never having claimed benefits. Recently I moved jobs and a problem arose whereby my new employers expected start date was delayed. I waited out a month just using savings and what I had to make ends meet but then I found out the delay has pushed my new start back another month! I've signed a conditional contract etc so it's def legit, but I've now been unemployed for a while and I can't have no income at all. I've looked for immediate start temporary jobs but as you're prob awa
  12. Thanks for the advice. Maybe I need to find somebody with a professional background who can come and test the soil. There must be a limit for acceptable saturation.
  13. Hi guys, my very first post here so feel free to wade in with any comments or suggestions.. I purchased a persommin new build in june and paid for the turf to be laid in the back garden. I was told it was very recent so stay off it for a month. Two months later the grass looked good but the ground underneath was so wet and spongy that simply walking on it leaves deep dents. I asked the landscapers to look and they said "yep, you need a land drain, it's boggy". So I took this up with the persimmon site manager who got really irrate and said the landscapers had no ri
  14. Hi folks, My wife dropped my iphone down the stairs while using it (shes pregnant and a little clumbsy at the moment) and the phone was severely damaged. The screen shattered not just cracked and thr home button fell out completely. The body has also come slightly away from the backing, exposing the components. All in all a right mess. I took it into apple to see about a repair and they laughed at me. It would take a 'small miracle' to get this repaired. Also they said as its the oldest model (3G) they dont offer repairs even if it was doable. I doubted it but
  15. Hi folks, Several years ago I go into a lot of difficulty after a redundancy and ended up in the proverbial. It took a lot of hard work and some very stressful times (including 2 defaults) but eventually I managed to straighten things out and now all is back on track. I got hold of my stutory credit file this week and theres a debt on there from a mobile phone provider (02) for £566 - defaulted. Its dated 2006 and has had no update since. I haven't changed address so I couldnt have got 'lost' in the system, ive simply just never been chased for the debt. Obviously this means its
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