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  1. Hi, I wonder if someone can help me please? I checked my credit file recently and noticed that a loan account (which I settled 18 months ago), has an outstanding balance and a default on it. I wrote to them asking them to amend the records to show the true balance, and advised them that I disagreed with the default. I did default on the account, but thought the record of it was placed on my credit file too late. To cut a long story short, I took out a loan in Jan 2004, and made full payments until Jan 2007. Then I missed 3 payments, but set up a new direct debit and made payments on 28 May and 28 June 2007. The default was registered on 12 June 2007. I then missed 6 months' worth of payments, and after this paid on time and settled the account. I've written to them asking for a copy of the default notice but they haven't sent it, just sent a copy of my loan agreement. Can I argue this default notice or do I not have a leg to stand on? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this on, but here goes... I was issued with a fixed penalty notice by the Council for littering a few months ago which I (stupidly!) didn't pay on time as I was very short of money, and I have now received a summons for the Magistrates Court. I'm not worried about this in itself as I will pay the fine, but I have been told I will have a criminal conviction, similar to if you go to court about motoring fines etc (I think). I have to have a CRB check for my job, and have also applied to do a social work course which will require a CRB check. I don't want this conviction to affect my job or anything... can anyone advise if there is a way I can persuade the Council to agree to let me pay the fine without going to court and getting the conviction? I have spoken to the Council and they said that basically they are making an example of people who don't pay. I suppose that's fair enough and it's definitely my own fault, but I didn't realise this could end up in a criminal conviction. Sorry about the gigantic post but if anyone has any advice I would be really really grateful... Thank you
  3. Hi everyone, I'm sorry if something like this has been answered before, but I'm trying to get started reclaiming PPI from Welcome finance and I'm not sure where to start really! I have been a customer of theirs for about 6 years, and have had various loans. Each time, part way through the agreement I have had another loan and have refinanced if you like. I now have 6 payments left on what will be my final loan with them. I have taken out PPI on all of my loans. I was told at the time of taking every loan, that it was compulsory. However, I have checked the agreement today and there is a bit on it which says 'You understand that PPI is voluntary and can be cancelled'. My (very long winded) questions are: Will I be able to reclaim all of my charges given what it says on the agreement? And if I cancel the PPI on this existing agreement now, can I ask for a refund of what I have paid over the last 2 and a half years? I haven't made any claims on the PPI. Thanks v much for your help!
  4. Hi everyone, I have sent the prelim letter recorded delivery (on Friday), but have since realised I forgot to attach the schedule of charges! Should I just send it on on Monday, or, as I have quoted the amount I am claiming, will that be ok? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I have spoken to a very helpful lady at the AQU this week who told me that they have now outsourced all the SARs to another company due to high volume of requests. Apparently, this company have promised that the requests will be dealt with by this Friday. I assume this can't mean all the requests, maybe just the ones that are over 40 days. Anyway, don't take my word for it but just thought I would pass this info on!
  6. Thanks everyone, I must confess I made a bit of a mistake... Noticed after I had posted (on a statement) that they had actually cashed my cheque on 4 May. Am now up to 40 days so I have phoned AQU and was told 'we have been inundated with requests but yours is on the first batch to be sent out'. Couldn't get a date though! I am now sending the letter on Cj's link (thanks CJ), and will let you know what happens.
  7. Thanks for this Sarah - that will teach me to not just send letters to them by 1st class post! I'll keep you updated on what happens!
  8. Hi everyone, Sorry if this has been answered before but... I sent my SAR (and cheque for £10) off to Yorkshire Bank almost 5 weeks ago. Checked two weeks ago with them to make sure they had got it, and my branch told me that they had already printed off the statements and sent them back to Advice Quality Unit. I then received a letter dated 10 May from AQU advising that they have 40 days from the date they cash my cheque to provide the information. But they have now had my cheque for almost 5 weeks already - is there anything I can do or do I just have to wait for them to cash it? Thanks
  9. Hi - I'm new to this site and am just about to send my request letter to Yorkshire Bank. I have searched on the link but 5 addresses have come up, including Clydesdale, Yorkshire Bank loans and Australia Bank. Does anyone know which is the correct address to send my request to please? Thanks
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