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  1. Hi special k here. i succesfully claimed charges on my private account and my business account from a very startled nat.west i sent a letter to them saying that i would not agree to any terms they were setting out and if they charged me again i will start another claim,i also stated that i wanted my claim sent to me by cheque and not into my account, this they ignored and within 7 days without any warning from them they paid the full amount of my claim into my account both with the business and private as soon as i realised it was there i withdrew it, I am now in the process of claiming my credit cards, lloyds being one of them, and the very nice debbie gilbert has sent a letter more or less saying i do not have a leg to stand on, and as far as she is concerned there is no claim and there will never be one.Has anyone had ruffly the same letter?
  2. h special k here, I am having problems with lloyds TSB credit card. I now this is a long letter but i would like some help. I received this letter from them. following the office of fair trading statement of 5th April 2006, you believe certain charges we have made to your account (for example late payments/returned payments/exceeding your authorised credit limit)are unlawful and have asked for them to be refunded. Youll know that most of our credit services are completely free, and your card provides a convenient method of payment that can be used worldwide. We do however make a charge if you pay us late, or if we let you go over your agreed credit limit, or if we have to tell you that a payment into your account isnt met. All these matters cause us extra cost. These charges are not hidden. You can find them on your monthly starments,on our website or by contacting our branch staff or telephone helpline. The minimum monthly payment and the payment date, and your credit limit, are also clearly shown on every statment. So you should find it easy to stick to the legal terms and conditions you have agreed to. We believe our charging policy is fair. The OFT's statment is their view of the principles they think credit card issuers should follow. Ultimately, it is only a court that can decide whether a term is unfair in lergal terms. As you will know,the OFT recommended that these charges be cut to £12. and we have made a commercial decision to do this with effect from 29th June 2006, even though we do not agree with the OFTs interpretation of the law, The oft made no recommedation about previous charges and we do not plan to make any alteration to charges we made in the past. As a result we are not in a position to offer you a refund. I do hope you now understand why our charging policy is fair, and how you will be able to avoud these charges in the future. For your information I have enclosed details of our complaint procedure, which explains what to do if you are still not happy. can anyone tell me if they have had the same letter, and if so what to do next. thankyou to anyone that replies.
  3. so should i write amother letter saying that i am taking them to court because i want the full amount? or go straight to mcol?
  4. thanks hedgey06 does this apply to all credit card claims? because i am having a problem with barclays,lloyds access and also nat west. nat west has offered me £201, out of a £600+ claim, barclays have made no offer, lloyds have sent me a letter saying thanks but no thanks you have not got a leg to stand on so they say there is no claim. any idears would by helpfull.
  5. hi special k here. can anyone help me. I am claiming charges from nat west credit card. they say that i can only claim the amount after the £12.00 charge,so anything over and above yes i can claim. has anyone had this with a credit card company?. I have successfully claimed £5000. on our business account and i am awaiting my private account claim which is over £4000. they have offered me the full amount claimed which i have accepted under my terms not theirs., so back to the credit card question i hope someone out there can hepl.
  6. It sounds like i have just received the same letter,from Debbie Gilbert.which states that it will cost me £10. for statements and i would not receive them until that is received,they have not only had the £10. but they have sent my statements aswell.I sent them a letter on 20th April.2007 asked for my charges to be returned to me my claim was for £623.00 before interest.in the letter they sent me they are claiming that the charges on my account was for going over our agreed overdraft with them, so therefore the claim does not count. All this is a load of rubbish as we have never gone over the limit, even says on our statments that because we are valued customers they will up our limit, we never asked for this and we never went into our original overdraft limit never mind a extended limit. can you tell me if you dont mind what you did next, this letter from them has stumped me a little.
  7. thanks for the reply scott. you said what i was thinking.
  8. telephoned bank yesterday and was told that an offer for the business account had been activated on 27/3/07, she could not explain why we have had not received any letters, but the offer,because they are so far behind will not be with us until 15/5/07, she would not give me the figure over the phone, so do you think i should wait for this, I am getting everything ready for mcol. she also told me that they have put both my private account and business account under the same reference. i hope she is not getting mixed up with the 2 accounts.
  9. i hope someone can help me. Iam having a bad day and cant find what I am looking for. I am Claiming from Nat West credit card the claim amount is £630+ without interest. they offered me £201.00 they say that is the difference between what they charged me and the £12.00 they charge.can they do this? and if not can you point me in the right direction.
  10. hi nettie Its my understanding that you cannot claim interest unless it goes to court. when i did my claims i used the calculator on MoneySavingExpert: Consumer Revenge - Credit Cards, Shopping, Bank Charges, Cheap Flights and more. which totals interest for you, so you have the amount of claim,then a total with interst,and the overall total.,natwest came back to me with an offer,which was the total before interest.my claim was £3500. they offered my £3200. havenet accepted yet still reading for further information. but our business account which was started back in feb. we havent had any response at all, so today i was going to start proceedings but i rang them, and they have put together an offer on business account but would not tell me how much,should receive by 15/5 so they say. we will see. getting all paperwork ready incase needed because they have said this to other people.
  11. Thankyou for all your advice, I think i will start the mcol,but what I am worried about is the letters I sent them were the ones you use for personnel banking that was set out in Martyns Money Tips, do you think that they will pick up on this ? and will it make a difference in court?
  12. hi thankyou for your reply. The offer that was made was for my private account. My claim was for £3500+ ,charges only with interest it works out over £4500+ but am i right in thinking that I cannot claim interest unless it goes to court.
  13. I hope this is in the right place only signed up yesterday. I started my claim on my business account back in feb. I have sent letters by reg.and recorded delivery all have been delivered and signed for, plus i have faxed them they have not responded to any of the letters only the one to send my statements to me. I am worried that i have sent the wrong letters,because in your forum there are different letters for business accounts,the letters i used were the templates on martyns money tips they are the same ones i used for my private account i just changed the wording a little.i started the two claims at the same time, i have had an offer on my private account which i am not accepting because they are short and they would not gave me a breakdown of how they came to the amount they offered. but now they are ignoring both claims.earlier today i was advised to start mcol, but i would like to ask has anyone tried to do thier claim through the financial ombudsman.
  14. hi special k here. I started my claim on the business account back in feb. i have sent letters by reg,and recorded post all been delivered,sent faxes and to this day they have not responded to any of them, does anyone have any advice. I also started my private account claim at the same time and received an offer, not accepting now they are ignoring me awaiting any further advice but i think after advice earlier today that i must start mcol.
  15. hi special k here. has anyone tried to do their claim through the financial ombudsman, rather than going to court.:o
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