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  1. Yesterday when I signed the "Adviser" on my first attempt told me that my signature matched my signature by 0% and to try again. On my second attempt he also told me that my signature matched my signature by 0% and this was not good enough. Then he asked me to confirm my name and personal details. At this point I explained that whenever I sign my signature it is slightly different but it is still recognisable as my signature. He would have none of it explaining that the device knows better than me what my signature is [this guy is a robot btw - no individual thought]. He was in a hurry though
  2. Can someone give me the correct telephone number for stratford where they make all the decisions for all job centres ? I am having problems with MY job centre and need to speak to Stratford diectly. Thanks
  3. Turns out the course I'm on is a 2 day one - but there is a list of three different courses on the memo I saw and one of them defo says it's a 13 week one - I hope you dont have to go on all three courses !!!
  4. Reaction to the Daily Fail article on 5live on the 10-1pm show you can check it out on iplayer from about 1.30pm. They were insinuating that job centre advisers just tell the unemployed all the loopholes so the jobless can just sign on for a laugh ! What a load of tosh - if only they knew the reality !!! Had to turn it off - was gonna throw my DaB at the wall The daily mail is for mentally ill bigots...
  5. Yes in the Job centre - typical - How to get a job blah blah blah courses
  6. As I said before - IT is NOT a Punishment - It is a directive from an internal memo they received - I READ IT !!! It is STANDARD procedure for you to go in every day for the first 2 weeks and probably be put on a course. I have not been put on the course yet - I have to see them tomorrow and we will discuss it - I will explain my 3 year course has come to an end and I need to study for some essential further exams before i can secure a Job myself in that field. I thought I read somewhere in their blurb that if that is the case it would be unreasonable to put me on their course !
  7. No - I dont believe it is - as they were refering to an internal memo on their desk which I picked up and had a look at. Also I conduct myself in a way that is not antagonistic - but calm and friendly. Again this seems to be their standard procedure
  8. Went in today and explained that I had setup an account for UJM uploaded a CV and applied for a job from the system - showed them print outs of screens to prove this - they asked me if I had allowed them access to view/edit my account & I explained that I was not happy with the Data Protection implifications of this and explained how there were reports of duplicate and false jobs on there and the pay for job problems as well - also that instead of the government dealing with the situation they put an indemnity clause in the agreement saying they " dont accept liability for loss or damage i
  9. Absolutely spot on JustInterested !
  10. I hear you Mr K - hope things pick up for you soon
  11. I already am attending daily at different times for the first 2 weeks - unfortunately
  12. Makes interesting reading --- from wikipedia "Universal Jobmatch has replaced the Jobcentre Plus job search tool. The service has been introduced as part of a Government campaign to assist the DWP to monitor client's jobsearch activities directly. The service went live on schedule in November 2012, and is quickly gaining momentum with some 460,000 employers posting jobs and the site receiving over 6 million searches per day. By February 2013 there were some 2 million registered users.[1] It is not a requirement to register, and anonymous searches can be made and applications made dir
  13. mmm interesting JustInterested
  14. I think that is croydon standard procedure - I live up the road so it's bearable for 2 weeks - just. This states you Have to sign up to UJM & create a profile and public CV - Am I Wrong ? "51. Where you have explained the benefits to claimants of creating a profile and public CV in Universal Jobmatch and they will not do so willingly, they can be mandated to create a profile and public CV. " Iwill not give them the email I used for this though and make my cv without personal details and print out jobs I've applied for.
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