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  1. How long do the new claims take at the moment, i was up front and stopped my single claim and applied for a joint one. Mine stopped from 12th December 2011 so should get back dated to the 13th? But in mean time still paying childcare. Is there any delays that may take place. thanks in advance
  2. hi yes i have help from family and no havent recieved an eviction notice.
  3. Hi everyone, i spoke to GE and made an agreement. I paid £100 on monday, |£500 yeaturday and paying £1000 on monday. This will cancell any eviction notice in place.Should they send me a letter to confirm this? and any ongoing arrangement?
  4. 1/It was for 200p/m on top of contractual payments. 2/Last payment 25th June 3/going to make payment of £500 this week 4/have no lump sum but can maintain contractual plus 200p/m going forward 5/no equity in property I have 3 small children and no where to go but now have regular income was off work due to sickness.Missed 3 months payments. Going to ring GE tomorrow to see what they have to see, worried sick.
  5. maybe ellen could look at this please and share her knowledge xx thanks in advance
  6. We have fallen behind on our mortgage payments and have a suspended possession order on the property.We have now had a letter stating 'we have today instrusted our Solicitors to request a Court Baliff appointment to take possession' But underneath it then states We genuinely view eviction from your home as the last resort We are still,however,prepared to provide you with a further opportunity. We may be able to consider a lump sum payment with ongoing proposals. Our arrears are £3600, what kind of lump sum will they require and what time scale have we got to pay this with them instructing their solicitors. I have 3 children under 9 and these arrears are due to various reason with sickness,husbands hours cut etc. We are both in stable jobs and regular income. Any advice will be muchly appreciated thank you
  7. Been into my local Enquiry centre today and they where really helpfull. They gave me a part payment of my monthly award to keep my child minder at bay for the next week and also he rang the department who was dealing with my case and he said i should of submited my Gross pay, so i had submited wrong figures. So i said i was happy for the award to be amend. I was advised the payment hadnt come back yet and when it did the payment would have to be re-profiled! Does anyone have any idea of timescale of this? Or has anyone else had this happened or know what it invlolves. Many thanks
  8. No as the figure they have stated is my on top without SMP being deducted. Obviously they dont have this info,so what should i do?
  9. Hi Erika, I have received my letter today and it is from a Adminstration Officer, It basically says you told us your Income for 2009-10 was xxxxx and the details i hold about you shows an income of xxxxx. What you need to do now If you disagree with the information we hold please contact us by the 8th March to let us know the correct information and phone the number on the letter(which is the help-line) If we do not hear from you by the 8th March 2011 i will amend your award with the information we hold. Where do i stand now, it doesnt ask me to send any info into them and doesnt state anything regarding my payments going forward. As the letter has no direct number to the depatment it was sent from i have no way of contacting anyone regarding this. Will they amend the award if i dont contact them and resume payment Thanks in advance
  10. Ok thanks Erika, will have to wait till i receive the letter and go from there. And on receipt i will ring the relevent department. Will post on any progress.Do you have any idea how long this could take and if income info is all needed would i be able to take my P60 into the local office to speed things up. Thanks
  11. Hi and thanks for your reply, Well i think they are just suspended to be honest.Not too sure yet till i recieve the letter they sent me on Tuesday. When i called the helpline i was advised there was a discrepency in my declared income,and i will need to reply to the letter with proof. What i did was deduct the smp Figure on my P60 from my gross figure and submited that as my earnings. For example Pay £15,557.77 less SMP £2443.26 IS £13,114.51 I have a letter from my childminder and am waiting for them to come back to me so i can visit my local Enquiry centre to see if they can pay some of the fees, i dont know if this is possible.I am worried sick as if i cant afford pay my childminder, a result would be i cant go work which will result in me losing my job.
  12. Hi, i was due my payment today and have been advised that this has been recalled due to a discrempency of income for 09/10. They have advised i should recieve a letter regarding this and i will need to confirm income. Do you think it is an issue like yours. I have put a figure less my SMP which is approx £2,000 less than my gross as i thought this it what i had to do. I am unable to pay my childminder and really concerned and feeling sick with all the stress.# Any advice welcome please
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