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  1. That's really helpful thanks... I hadn't sent a SAR at first, I just sent them an e-mail asking for the statements. I'll get the letter sent off to them asap and keep my fingers crossed! Thanks again! Embells
  2. Hi! I am new to all this but have already tried (a few weeks ago) to ask Smile to send me my last 6 years' statements, and they replied saying that the total cost for the statements would be £590!! This is made up of the past 12 months statements costing £2.50, and any statements over 12 months costing £10 each. Smile do advise that you print off your monthly statements, but as I have no access to a printer I have never done this. Is there anything I can do about this, or am I bound by the fact that they state the statement charges in their terms and conditions? Sorry if this is a previously asked question but I can't seem to find a thread about it so would be really grateful for any advice. Thank you! Embells
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