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  1. Sorry, forgot to add, but there must be 8 weeks from when you notified the bank (Nationwide) of the complaint, i.e excessive bank charges, before the Financial Ombusman Service can investigate your complaint. Nationwide wrote back to me and said they had 8 weeks from when the FOS wrote to them on my behalf - don't fall for this, its def when you first made Nationwide aware of your complaint. On the FOS form they require the dates of when you first thought there was something wrong - I put the date I requested info on charges, and the date you wrote to Nationwide first requesting the refund and complaint. They are very helpfull on the phone if you have any problems with the form, but it is really easy to fill in. Good luck
  2. Hi All, After requesting details of charges back in Feb, then sending the template letters I was having no joy - v nervous about taking them to court, so.... I contacted the Financial Ombusman Service, really easy over the phone, they sent me a form to fill in with copies of all correspondance to and from Nationwide. They acknowledged receipt within days, and wrote to Nationwide. Nationwide replied with bank charges back in full £550. Only took a max of 2 weeks from getting in touch with FOS, it was free, very helpfull, to get Nationwide to agree to refund, and it was in my bank the following week. The FOS are investigating 4 seperate accounts now on my behalf, its the only way the banks will listen, all have been quick to reply to FOS, until then I got no joy. The forms can be printed off the website, but they cannot help if you have started court action - give them a go, and see if they can help, but bear in mind it could take a max of 6 months to resolve. Have now managed to meet all repayments on other cards to get back on track thanks to this refund!
  3. my heads swimming a bit at the court action part cus I don't want to mess it up, will send the LBA letter, give them 14 days, hopefully I'll have got my head around the going on the money thing site and starting the court ball rolling. Like you I'm panicking big time about them closing my account, I've got a 2k overdraft I always live up to the limit on, if they close that I'm completely screwed,I only want the money back to bring my overdraft down! Well done by the way,been reading your thread and feeling your panick!Will let you know how I get on.I'm just starting doing my parents accounts for them!
  4. Thanks mate, will see how I get on wth the c/a,I've only had the act 1 1/2 yrs, can't believe I've racked up £493.Will get cracked on with Letter 3 ready to post if they don't get back to me otherwise. I'm really getting into this power to the people business!
  5. I know its only small, but won £64.00 back from Nationwide Credit Card! Sent SAR 20/2/7 then Letter 2 23/3/7 and received money back into my c/c on 2/4/7. I'm now waiting for my c/a £493.00 sent Letter 2 16/4/7 so will wait and see what happens with my 14 days. Bring it on
  6. Guys, I'm pursuing Cahoot c/a for £785.00 and my old c/c- sent SAR 20/2/7 for that and my c/c. They sent me (eventually) my c/a statements and someone else's who lives in Scotland, but no c/c statments. Requested £785.00 c/a charges back on 23/3/7 and then advising poss court action letter 16/4/7. Each time I stated I had not had my c/c statements, have rang them 4 times over this, first time the advisor told me to put the other persons statements in the bin! Fed up, I emailed them today to chase up c/c statements and they sent me this back: "I can confirm that the original transaction list was sent to you on the 21st of March.As you make a second request for the transaction list to be sent to you this has to be printed out again.We have a 40 day time period in which to send the transaction list request which for you which commenced from the 23rd of March.I will chase this up with the relevant department but please be aware we have been inundated with these requests and they are very time consuming so may take a while to get to you.Kind Regards,Clare Martin" I have now sent a snotty reply email saying I'm not interested in excuses, give me my statements. What do I do now they haven't sent me them?
  7. Forgot to say the £1240 is solely charges, on an £800 overdraft.
  8. Realised I'd jumped the gun a bit without reading the FQA's, so have done as suggested - stuck to my own timetable and written to them advising I will starting the court process to recover the charges. I incurred a few charges after i finished uni and couldn't find regular work, the main bump of charges is from RBS charging interest, taking me over my overdraft limit, then charging me £28 to advise me I was over my limit, and then when charging for dd's which hadn't gone. When I approached them for help or to write off the charges after seeing my doctor and trying tackle my debt they refused and advised me to take out a RBS credit card instead. Having some months later reached an agreement with an advisor on the phone on how to tackle my debt I was still being pursued as he didn't tell the relevant departments. Anyway, I'll crack on and see how I go
  9. Cheers mate, am just off to the post box to tell them where to stick it!
  10. I've written to them on the 6/4/7 threatening them with court action, so am going to work through all the threads to find out what on earth to do next. I can't get into the schedule of charges on this web site, has anyone any ideas of other sites/links that can do this? Cheers
  11. Guys, I'm claiming £1240 from RBS for my current account, where by i ended up in a whole load of s**t and finished up on prozac thanks to them pursuing me! They've written to me saying my complaint will take up to 8 weeks to resolve!!! Can I still go ahead and start proceeding against them, I can provde medical evidence re the depression if the (EDIT) so and so's want to take me to court - if I should battle on what letter to i send them next, I'm rubbish at this, and need pointing in right direction. Thanks loads to anyone who can help, I deffo want to take them to the cleaners x
  12. Guys, this is my first post, so please bear with me! I'm claiming £240 off RBS credit card services, they've written to me offering me £76.32 "THIS FIGURE REPRESENTS A REFUND OF THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OUR ORIGINAL £20 TO THE CURRENT £12 LATE PAYMENT AND OVER LIMIT CHARGE AND INCLUDES ANY ASSOCIATED INTEREST CHARGES". Should I accept the offer, or should I keep going, and if so what's the next step, what letter do I send etc? Am panicking a bit.:idea: Cheers for any help
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