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  1. Hi all, well, letter received from FD today, usual "confident of winning in court" "dont accept liability" etc, BUT, "to save unrecoverable legal costs" etc they have offered over £2,400 in full and final settlement. Due to my current situation I have accepted this. I know, I feel like I have let people on this forum down somewhat but as stated above my situation does not realy lend itself to a drawn out battle for the sake of a couple of hundred pounds when I can have over £2,400 in my account in a few days time. To be honest I was surprised by the amount, I quite expected an offer of maybe £700 of the asked for amount of £2,700. £700 I would most certainly not have accepted. Anyway, thats my story and a donation will be forthcoming as soon as I get the dosh! Thanks to all for the advise and support on this forum and I will continue to visit to keep an eye on the threads. Also, AMEX and MBNA to go next which probably wont be as easy but at least I will be in a position with them to stay the course a bit longer. Shirley1927
  2. Well, letter and schedule of charges, over £2,700, sent today. Awaiting their response. Shirley 1927
  3. Well, statements received, a very quick scan reveals approx £3,000 of charges. Time to sit down with the spreadsheet and proceed. Shirley1927
  4. Sent my SAR to FD 12 days ago, today got a letter saying it is being sent under seperate cover and they are doing this FREE OF CHARGE. I know this should please me but why does it worry me? Too cynical I suppose. Anyway, up and running..... Shirley1927
  5. Hi all, got directed to this site by a friend. I am going to try and claim my charges back from FD and am considering Amex and MBNA credit cards as well. Ive had a look and cant find the answer but re credit cards, Ive got an arrangement going with debt agencies but the interest being added is more than I am paying each much. Is it also possible to claim back interest and/or get interest stopped? Sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum to ask this, I am a member of a couple of forums (totaly unrelated) and know how annoying it can be to see the same questions time after time, but, as I said Ive had a look and cant find the answer. Ive also had a good read of FAQ's etc. Thanks in advance and I look forward to contributing. Shirley1927
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