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  1. Ok, obviously with all the latest developments with the court case no-one is paying out any money but my question is... ...I have sent the relevant letters to Barclay Card as mentioned above as they havent sent me all of my statements, the time limits i set for them have now passed, should i continue to follow this up or should leave it until we found out the outcome of the court case? Cheers
  2. Hi noomill060, Thanks for the link, that thread has certainly opened my eyes to just how much of a battle this may become. What i have gathered from reading through it is that i need to send a Non Compliance letter to Barclaycard, informing them that they have failed to provide me with all my statemnts and allowing them X amount of days to rectify this (how many days should this be) It also seems i need to send a letter to Information Commissioners Office but am unable to find the template for this, if anyone can offer any help? Also in your thread, many people refer to an 'LBA' can someone please clarify for me what exactly this is and if it is something i am also in need to complete? Cheers
  3. Hi guys, Im currently in the process of claiming back my charges from Barclaycard but they are giving me the run around and i am in need of some advice please. I sent off my cheque and letter, they replied and sent the cheque back to me saying they would not need it and that they would sort out my statements for me. Several weeks later i got a batch of staements through with a letter explaining that these were only the statements dating back to June 2004 as before this date they were held on microfilm and would take longer to locate. Several further weeks passed and i have now received a futher 5 statements from them dating back to Feb 2004 and they now class this matter as closed, my problem being is that i have had my Barclaycard since 2002 but they have not sent me any statements from this period, how do i go about requestion/demmanding that they send me them? Thanks in advance TheProphet
  4. HI I sent the £10 off and they have cashed it!! I am sending my 'demanding' letter first thing tomorrow as I have given them 7 days extra grace Also another question, I have also sent off data request letter for Barclaycard, and they have sent me half the staements but say the other half is held manually and they take longer to gather up? Has this happened to anyone else and can they do this? Cheers guys
  5. Hi Wondering if anyone can offer me some advice? I've sent of my 'data request' letter and it has been 43 days and no sign of statements, I've looked for a template letter to send, saying only got 7 days before I proceed further, but can't seem to find one? Can anyone help please I'm going after Barclays by the way Cheers guys J
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