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  1. If you qualify for legal aid with them, use Stephensons. If you don't, tread carefully. I suspect many of you do though. For private payers, the incompetence encountered with the courts & judges can be very frustrating. They don't seem to realise that LBL engage legal assistance only to keep the directors out of jail, as well as to deliberately delay and frustrate. LBL use a one-man-band solicitor who isn't beyond purging himself for his paymasters. The solicitor has the initials C.W. and the four letter word I'm thinking of starts with a 'B' and ends with 'T'.
  2. Classic 'Bully Boy' tactics designed to scare you into showing them where the vehicle is. I'm suprised they didn't come up with the classic "the police are involved", "the car has been logged as stolen" etc. You should have gotten a copy of their wee log as that is serious harrassment. This smacks of similar unlawful tactics used by Gemini International - these agents are in this game to play cat & mouse with customers they clearly class as fools. Stick to your guns - if I had known then what I subsequently found out upon litigating these ****s I could have saved myself a lot of grief. A message for everyone to take on board - if they are really positively legally entitled to your car they wouldn't adopt tactics like pouncing in the hours of darkness, sitting outside your house etc. They would produce the paperwork with the police in tow to prevent breach of the peace and that would be that. The clandestine methods tell us that they know they're skating on thin ice. And remember, this is civil law - don't rely on the police as they don't understand civil law and most coppers are idiots now in any case. The police will only serve a purpose in preventing any breach of the peace.
  3. In short, no. Incidentally, at 18 how much is your insurance on such a large powerful car?
  4. A 'garage' eh? It will be one of their 'contacts', and it is more likely that the car wasn't sold it was passed on to a third party to dispose of ASAP so that they weren't "in possession" of it in the event swift action is taken to make them return said vehicle(s) It's happened before!
  5. I smell a rat - a very desperate rat. It answers to the names 'Iain', 'Barry' and 'Paul'! It would seem LBL are pulling out all the stops to "trade" whilst they still can, it seems snatching 'recently sold' motors from unsuspecting owners under the auspices of the previous owner having a defaulted Log Book Loan is becoming somewhat epidemic. Bear in mind: They snatch the vehicle without warning in most cases knowing the hapless police aren't interested in 'civil' and sell it in a couple of days (despite supposedly holding cars for a minimum of 5 working days after seizure), leaving the victim under the impression everything is above board and no time to get the car back if they discover it is not so. How many people has this happened to who haven't spoken on any forum? Tens? Hundreds? It would be funny if it wasn't so serious! In my opinion, if a company or repo agent are genuinely legally entitled to goods they don't operate clandestine dubious methods of seizure - they don't have to! That LBL operate in this way suggests they know full well they're on a very sticky wicket
  6. Saver6 - don't believe everything (or indeed anything) LBL or their agents tell you. The previous owner may well have paid them everything but a £20 "charge" for all we know at this stage, they are desperately trying to turn everything into cash at the moment as they may well be finding themselves without a credit license very soon!
  7. If the case had been properly dealt with & pleaded using legal professionals, nothing would have gone in LBL's favour n'er mind a few charges getting chalked off!
  8. Alas, Caprikid never saw his car again despite attempting much negotiation. His car was seen soon after being swiped at "International House" on the Gallowfields Trading Estate in Richmond, North Yorkshire, which turned out to be the registered office of Gemini International (UK) Ltd, much of which has been written previously here and elsewhere. Despite his sad failure to get his beloved Capri back (a red 2.0 Laser, D858 ADG), he persisted in drawing media attention to his case and was contacted personally by Barry Pilgrim, one of LBL's directors, who paid him reasonably substantial compensation to desist in embarrassing them any more...
  9. Consult a solicitor - preferably Stephensons 01942 774562
  10. All outrageous claims such as these (and this applies to ANYONE ELSE!) must be defended vigourously, if not you may find a default judgement has been made!! Unfortunately, ignoring it and hope it will all go away is not the thing to do. you must understand there is no way a UK court would endorse these underhand scandalous muggers! The situation at the minute with LBL is thus: they are fighting a Consumer Credit license revocation made by the OFT and are looking to maximise their revenue whilst this is ongoing. What this means in real terms is LBL directors Iain Shearer & Barry Pilgrim are working closely with their solicitor to spank all the defaulters, all the victims (I think they're officially called "customers"!) as there is a real chance if the appeal against the revocation fails they will then be forced out of business (ie will just start up again calling themselves something else). So, whilst they're still officially in business, they will be "maximising their income" - and this means screwing people who they perceive as being unable/unwilling to fight back. Here folks, meet the one-man-band who is working so closely with LBL Clive Wismayer
  11. Their solicitor has so much to do, he does tend to cock up these claims forms. The person instigating the attempts at litigation is LBL director Iain Shearer, and they have already had cases struck as 'Abuse of Court Process' so fight it!
  12. Their solicitor has so much to do, he does tend to cock up these claims forms. The person instigating the attempts at litigation is LBL director Iain Shearer, and they have already had cases struck as 'Abuse of Court Process' so fight it!
  13. The assumption that LBL 'Bills of Sale' are legally binding remain just that - an assumption. Until this lot are tried in court and a judgement is made on the validity of these documents then it remains an assumption. Cases brought against LBL so far are either still ongoing or have been settled by 'part 36' offers, when LBL pay the claimant a sum of money they cannot refuse. The rules of 'part 36' unfortunately are that if an offer is made and not taken up, and the same or similar amount awarded in court in a trial, then the claimant becomes liable for the defendants costs (a high profile example of this was the Jimmy Nail case against one of the tabloids) All we do know is that LBL would rather pay out large sums of money than have the validilty of their documents proved or disproved in a court of law. I'll let you draw your own conclusions from that...
  14. .. and remember though they like to call themselves 'bailiffs' it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that they actually are. They are 'debt collectors', bailiffs need a LICENSE awarded by a COURT. For instance, a certain LBL agency beginning with "G" gave their henchmen jackets and little badges saying 'Bailiff', when enquiries were made it turned out they were no such thing! The self-same arseholes also would only give christian names, no surnames & no signatures (even down to the girls on the telephone) "Thick as thieves" quite literally
  15. The 'professional' of which we are referring to has moved his office a few miles south now, Great Bookham to be precise
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