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  1. I'm assuming that by documents in the library you refer to those available from this site? (sorry for my ignorance) but what are the particulars of Claim (do you mean bak details, dates, spreadsheet of charges etc) Thankyou
  2. Could someone explain in easy terms the fall out in the recent court case where the the court ruled in favour of the bank because the word fee was used as opposed to charge. Do we as claimants in the intial stages of bank charge claim proceed regardless or hold fire.
  3. I think that the encouragment from those who have replied and previous threads ahs been an inspiration. However our local branch continue to make it difficult to get beyond requesting the copies of bank statements. My son cannot go into the branch and pay £5.00 cash for the statements. No this cost has to be taken from his already overdrawn account (courtesy of the bank charge) and he'll have to wait 10 days as he has just moved address. They were not willing to send the copies to my home address (his parent and former address) but were wanted to forward the statements to his old address. Theri reticence is making me more determined.
  4. I'm claimimg on behalf of my son and have hit the wall already but have through this site have been given some advice. The bank sent my son away when he requested his bank statements so we will b forwarding a DPA. I think that our local branch will make it difficult to get beyond the first stage.
  5. Many thanks to the responses posted to palystation. We will continue the battle!
  6. A new member on behalf of my son. My son's bank have refused to give him his bank statements when he visited the branch this week. They instead gave him a hefty complaints procedure booklet. What should he do?
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